Anna Duggar’s Parents Celebrate Wedding Anniversary ‘Spoiling’ Josh With Treats, Home Renovations Before Adultery Leak

Anna Duggar’s parents spent their 35th wedding anniversary “spoiling” Josh Duggar with treats and helping the family finish some home renovations. The Kellers and Josh Duggar were all smiles during the visit where Anna’s brother-in-law, David Waller, helped Josh with some crown molding and Anna’s mother “spoiled” Josh with a special treat. The family members spoke of the Kellers’ being “committed to staying true to their marriage vows and faithfully loving each other.” However, little did the Kellers know at the time, in a few weeks their lives would be turned up-side-down. Just days after the friendly visit from his in-laws, Josh Duggar would admit to a pornography addiction and affair.

David Waller, Anna Duggar’s brother-in-law, updated his blog David Loves Priscilla on August 11 with a tribute to “Mom and Dad Keller” and their commitment to their marriage vows by posting photos from their 35th wedding anniversary spent with daughter Anna Duggar and son-in-law Josh.

In the blog post, David recounts a visit with Josh and Anna Duggar at their new home in Arkansas as they finished up some construction work. David, who married Anna’s sister Priscilla, helped Josh install some crown molding as grandma and grandpa Keller spent some time with the children. It was noted that Anna’s mother showed the children with treats and even “spoiled” Josh Duggar with an ice cream bar (or what appears to be a lollipop for Josh) during the visit.

David Waller
Photo from David Waller's blog showing the Keller wedding celebration.

The Kellers also spent David Keller’s 17th birthday with Josh and Anna. The families ate cake together and everyone spent some time with Josh and Anna’s new daughter, Meredith Grace. Both the Duggars and Kellers seemed to enjoy the visit, but the happiness would be short-lived. A few weeks after the Kellers special anniversary visit, Josh Duggar would admit to a pornography addiction, adultery and admit himself to rehab.

Since the adultery confession, the Keller parents and David Waller have remained silent on the scandal. However, Anna’s brother Daniel Keller has been very vocal about his disdain for Josh calling him a “pig” and telling Anna to get a divorce. Despite his call for a divorce, those close to Anna say she is committed to Josh and that divorce is not an option. Meanwhile, Anna Duggar was seen in public for the first time since the scandal at Amy Duggar’s wedding to Dillon King. Anna appeared in good spirits as she gave Amy words of encouragement and a huge hug.

Do you think Anna Duggar’s parents will break their silence regarding the Josh Duggar scandal?

[Image Credit: David Loves Priscilla blog]