‘Longmire’ Season 4 Finale: What The H*** Just Happened? [Spoilers]

The Longmire season 4 finale just came to a close for many after a week of binge watching, and if you’re like most fans, it once again left you clamoring for more and maybe a tad nervous as to whether or not the show will ever find resolution.

It goes without saying that, by now, you should know spoilers wait below. It’s in the headline, for crying out loud.

Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) was about to make love to his new girlfriend, Dr. Donna Sue Monahan (Ally Walker) when a foreboding first person POV shot encroaches on the front door of his cabin.

Accompanying the imagery is a Walt line from earlier in the season along with a quick series of flashes.

“Do you ever feel you’ve created more evil than you’ve stopped?”

Then a boot kicks in the door interrupting Longmire and his new love to a probable hail of gunfire. Is Walt dead? Are they simply jacking with everyone? What the h*** just happened?

Understandable questions.

First off, it’s unlikely they’re jacking with you given how season 3’s cliffhanger turned out. Expect mayhem after the Longmire season 4 finale.

On the other hand, this is still Walt’s show — at least it will be when Netflix (presumably) picks it up for season 5. You don’t go off having a whole season with your main character dead, so it’s very likely S5 will start with Walt escaping the coming attack somehow.

However, that leaves the same interesting question viewers faced at the end of this season’s third episode (right after Barlow’s death): What next?

Here’s a theory you may want to consider. In no way is it the likely outcome, but at present, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Dr. Monahan, Walt’s love interest, is hiding something. The door-kicking boot belongs to whoever burned that van — the unstable patient she didn’t bother to give up.

Together, the pair are unhinged and looking to even a score with Walt.

Who knows? In another twist, maybe the unstable guy is the new deputy Walt hired, then fired, in season 4; or perhaps, it’s the one now claiming to be representing Barlow Connally from beyond the grave.

(Perhaps this is all related to the S4 drug storyline somehow?)

They wound Walt, maybe put him in a coma, leaving season 5 to be Vic (Katee Sackhoff) working for justice, and to finally come to terms with her disastrous personal life.

During the course of the investigation, she can finally confront her feelings for Walt the way she tried to in the finale. This could be the type of mystery that finally brings Vic and Longmire together, perhaps wrapping up season 5 as the series finale in the process.

What do you think, readers? What’s next for this show after the Longmire season 4 finale? And with this cliffhanger, did the show, as Urban Dictionary defines the term, “jump the shark“?

[Image from Longmire, screen grab]