‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Producer Phil Klemmer Discusses Rip Hunter, And Not Being Allowed To Watch TV

Legends of Tomorrow is still months away, but it is still the buzz among DC fans who are eagerly anticipating the next Arrow/The Flash spin-off. Legends of Tomorrow, at this point, has been mostly teased and little actual substantive information has been released. Phil Klemmer, Legends of Tomorrow producer and former producer of Chuck and Veronica Mars, sat down at a Comic Con International round table with Comicbook inform the curious public about himself and a little more Legends of Tomorrow info.

Since Legends of Tomorrow is a much different animal than Chuck or Veronica Mars, Klemmer was asked just how he would handle this massive crossover show, that is tantamount to doing an X-Men or Justice League TV show.

“You know, I think the fun is in not managing them. In what I’ve written so far, part of the joy is in the tug of war that’s going on. Rip Hunter assembles this team, but he assembles a team of good guys, bad guys, mixed-up people, and it is like herding cats. It’s not like the normal sort of Justice League, who are all shoulder to shoulder. It really is sort of amorphous, sliding alliances, people who have their own agendas, and to me, that’s the real fun of the show in that it’s always going to be sort of sifting sands.”

In reference to the Legends of Tomorrow teaser, Phil Klemmer was asked about how Rip Hunter called himself a “Member of the Time Masters,” and if he could elaborate on that statement as to whether there might be more Time Masters showing up on the show.

“We are. We are going to see, and part of the fun with Rip as with the other characters is, the story that we hear in the pilot is the onion that we sort of peel back and realize that he has a vested interest in taking down Vandal and maybe the Time Masters aren’t always going to be…his agenda and the Time Masters’ isn’t always going to be in perfect concert.”

Though Klemmer has been a producer for many years, and now specifically a comic book adaptation producer with Legends of Tomorrow, he was not always involved with comic books or TV for that matter.

“I was sort of kept away from a lot of popular media. I remember being really into the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman at a very sort of proto-psychosexual way, and then at a certain point my parents tried to brainwash me into thinking that television was evil. There’s a story that at a certain point, somebody asked me about television and I said “Wonder Woman want your brains,” because I believed — I wasn’t Amish or anything like that — but I still believed that somehow…”

Legends of Tomorrow will certainly be something different for the producer of Veronica Mars, but then again creator Rob Thomas works on the DC/Vertigo hit iZombie, so Phil Klemmer’s chances on Legends of Tomorrow are as good as anyones. Legends of Tomorrow is slated to premiere in 2016, but no concrete dates have been set.

[Image Courtesy Of CW ]