Daughter, Father Surprise Mom With Awesome Routine At Dance Recital

A daughter and her father decided to go for it and surprise mom with a super special routine at a dance recital. Of course, the video went viral.

The awesome clip — sponsored by Quaker and called “The Recital” — starts with this statement.

“What if you were given the chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but you had to start today?”

Quaker was looking for real families that would share their stories. This is a family of five, the father explains; he and his wife have Matthew, 16, William, 13, and Lauren, who is 10-years-old. Like any other family, they juggle work with time together and the kids’ activities and are always on the go.

“It’s a bit hectic, it’s a lot of trying to hold the wheels on, but we… just do what we have to do as parents that have a family. I think we’re just going to blink our eyes and they’re all going to be in university, getting married or moving away. That will be probably a tough time.”

The idea for the daughter-father dance came out of this initiative, where families told their stories. Lauren chose to surprise her mom with a daughter-father number they practiced for with Lauren’s dance teacher. The 10-year-old talks about her early days in dance.

“Dance is a big part of my life. I took my first dance class when I was four. It just makes me feel good, doing what I actually love to do. Takes up a lot of time, but I’d rather do that than do anything else.”

The unidentified dad says that having a little girl will probably be different, and he hopes his daughter continues to enjoy spending time with him and is not embarrassed by him. He also hopes she doesn’t think he works too much or doesn’t pay attention to her because he cherishes every moment.

When the recital day finally arrives, the mom is seen pacing outside the venue nervously. She texts her husband many times and finally, when she thinks he is going to miss the dance, he replies telling her he is on his way.

What happens next will bring tears to your eyes, as it catches the mom completely unaware that a daughter-father dance will follow. Lauren then comes on stage, but she is not alone — the father joins her and they perform their moving routine. Watch the viral video below.

[Image via YouTube]