Are Chelsea Houska And Adam Lind Of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Feuding On Facebook And Twitter?

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind have reportedly agreed to allow Aubree to spend time with him at his home. While Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend had previously been banned from unsupervised visits with his 6-year-old, he has allegedly revealed on Instagram that he and Chelsea Houska have worked out their differences.

Below is what he told fans, according to a screenshot taken by a fan on Twitter.

Teen Mom 2 Season 7 will “show [Chelsea Houska] and I sitting down to let me have Aubree and have her stay at my house with Paislee and I.”

While the account does not appear to be verified in any way (and Teen Mom 2 Season 7 hasn’t yet been confirmed), Chelsea Houska responded to another one of the fan’s screenshots, which showed a message on Facebook, with the following tweet.

In the message to fans on Facebook, also posted to Twitter, Lind told fans, “Hey Don’t get me wrong I love [Chelsea Houska] as a mom. She’a great parent and treats aubs and pais great.. And we r finally kinda talking and dunno sit and talk and get me some custody out of court ….. But ya the point of the pic was for the girls not for [Chelsea Houska] … So Don’t go running around saying I’m talking s–t about [Chelsea Houska] cuz I’m not.”

Chelsea Houska and Lind have been at odds throughout Season 6 of Teen Mom 2, so it’s hard to believe that she would consider granting him more rights to Aubree. During the show, Lind nearly missed Aubree’s graduation and failed to even answer his phone for his daughter, who had called twice on Father’s Day.

In addition to his parenting concerns, Chelsea Houska was also concerned about a number of allegations made against her ex-boyfriend. As fans have seen on the show, Lind faced accusations of stalking and assault by ex-girlfriends, including Brooke Beaton and Jessica Nicole (charges that were ultimately dropped).

In his alleged message to fans on Instagram, Chelsea Houska’s ex revealed the following.

“Well since ya know I got my drivers license back… I own a house… I have a career in personal training and in the next 4-5 years I’ll be paid off at the gym I’m about to own… So now what?? What y’all gotta talk s–t about now?!”

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