Couple Mimics ‘101 Dalmatians’ Meet-Cute For Engagement Pics, And The Web Falls In Love

You can’t get any cuter than Corinne Jones and Tony Collier. The couple is enjoying a bit of Internet fame after their adorable tribute to classic Disney film 101 Dalmatians. For their engagement photos, they recreated the movie’s meet-cute frame for frame.

“We are big Disney fans. We have Disney blood running through us… We thought other… fans might like it, but it went huge,” the future bride told Inside Edition. “My phone has been blowing up with friends telling me I’m famous!”

Corinne, 25, and Tony, 26, met in 2009 at the University of Illinois at a marching band formal, E! Online added. After graduation, they both worked at the Magic Kingdom at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

When Tony proposed, he took his inspiration from Disney villains, sending his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt that Jones said “ended with a picture of me as Cruella de Vil, my favorite character, and he as one of my henchmen Horace saying, he didn’t want a princess, he wanted a villain,” according to BuzzFeed.

So when it came time to document their engagement, they turned to 101 Dalmatians for inspiration, Corinne’s favorite film.

“I’ve always loved that Roger and Anita were not the typical fairy tale — they were believable characters who didn’t just come together merely by wishing on a star and casting a magic spell. Pongo had to take the first step.”

The 101 Dalmatians scene the couple chose to recreate for their engagement photos was the moment Roger and Anita meet, with the help of their pooches Pongo and Perdita, who use their leashes to entangle their “pets” and send them tumbling into a pond. Afterward, both couples — canine and human — fall in love.

And as the story goes, Cruella de Vil pines after the family’s 101 dalmatians.

It didn’t take much to get her soon-to-be husband involved; he grew up in musical theater (and made his fiancée promise to do a Rocky III recreation). They enlisted Collier’s cousin Melissa Biggerstaff to take the photos; cast their dogs Mookie and Izabella as Pongo and Perdita; purchased their costumes in thrift stores and Jones made her hat. For the pivotal frame in which Roger and Anita fall in the water, Corinne’s brother sloshed them with a bucket of water.

The dogs, of course, loved every minute of the 101 Dalmatians engagement photo shoot.

“Izzy and Mookie, although a bit older, pudgier, and sans spots, are the greatest family pets and we wanted to make them an indelible part of our memories,” Corinne said. “My old lady Izzy [a mastiff mix] prefers the relaxation of home, but she was so happy with all of us there. Mookie [a black lab mix] is much more hyper and needed some coaxing with treats. He does not like when we cuddle in general because he wants to be cuddling with us as well, but soon he saw a treat, he could have cared less. Those treats did actually send me tumbling down a few times when the leashes were wrapped around us.”

The couple live in Naperville, Illinois, where both teach special education and music in middle school and high school, Cosmopolitan added. The nuptials have been set for June 10, 2016.

Do these adorable 101 Dalmatians-themed engagement photos suggest the couple will host a Disney-themed wedding? That’s certainly possible, the future bride said.

“We might incorporate some Disney aspects into our shower, bachelor, and bachelorette party, but as for the wedding, we’ll just have to wait and see. We’ve always been huge … fans and we don’t see that changing anytime soon!”

You can see the adorable photos here.

[Photos Courtesy Imgur/ Inside Edition Screengrab]