Mark Hamill Denies Near-Death Fall While Filming ‘Star Wars’ On Skellig Michael Island

Mark Hamill denied reports he was nearly killed in a fall from a steep mountain while filming Star Wars on the Irish island, Skellig Micheal.

A report on the Sunday Times, on September 13, caught like wildfire and has been shared all over the Internet. Apparently, it caught Mark Hamill’s attention, and he quickly dismissed it as “fabricated” on Twitter.

Skellig Michael
Skellig Michael (Image via Star Wars 7 News)

According to the short article, the Star Wars original cast member — who returns to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker when The Force Awakens comes to theaters on December 18 — had a near death experience while he was filming the J.J. Abrams production last summer, shortly after co-star Harrison Ford (Han Solo) broke an ankle when one of the Millennium Falcon’s hydraulic doors collapsed.

Abrams recently revealed he was also injured in the incident, when he rushed to Ford’s side on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens set. The director broke the L4 bone in his spine while trying to lift the broken door off of his actor, which forced him to wear a back brace for many weeks.

According to eyewitnesses Mark Hamill was making a difficult climb when he slipped, but was saved by a quick thinking tour guide on the remote island located in County Kerry, Ireland. Hamill supposedly slipped in a spot which has proven deadly to at least two others who fell to their deaths in 2009. The source allegedly said the actor would have been “a goner” if not for his rescuer.

Visitors who want to reach the peak must climb 618 time-worn, slippery steps without a handrail to reach the top of the 590-foot ridge, according to New York Daily News.

On Wednesday night, Mark Hamill addressed the rumors of his near death experience on Twitter, thanking the public for their concern about his well-being.

According to the Irish Examiner, Mark Hamill is already back on the Michael Skellig island — rumored to be Luke Skywalker’s hideaway — for Star Wars: Episode VIII. The production was set to begin this week. However, bad weather has forced Abrams to cancel his plans and postpone filming for at least another day.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]