Amy Duggar Dissed For Baring Bikini Body But Declares Sympathy For Anna As Josh Duggar Declares ‘No Remorse’ [Photos]

Amy Duggar is loving her barely-clad honeymoon days with new husband Dillon King. The famed rebel cousin of the Duggar family made headlines both for her wedding, which diverged dramatically from the traditional, conservative previous weddings of her other 19 Kids and Counting relatives, and for taking time to show her support to Anna, Josh Duggar’s wife, who remains reportedly entrenched in Duggarville while her husband is in rehab after confessing to porn addiction and infidelity.

The niece of the Duggar partriarch and matriarch, Jim Bob and Michelle, termed her honeymoon heavenly, reported Us Weekly.

“Mexico is amazing!” gushed Amy. “If we aren’t taking a dip in the ocean, then we are enjoying our private terrace and splash pool!”

Since their wedding on September 6 in Bentonville, Arkansas, Amy also has been chatting about how much she adored her low-cut strapless gown.

“I loved how modern it was, and I love the train. I love everything about it. I would wear it to the grocery store and the gas station. I might bowl [in] it.”

Rather than a wedding dress that shows her cleavage, however, Amy has been donning a two-piece and showing off her curves on Instagram. Not all fans were impressed by her display.

Amy Duggar bares body and shows love on honeymoon.
Amy Duggar bares body and shows love on honeymoon.

“I would like to say congrats to u too [sic]!!!! However, Amy I wish you had a little more modesty,” wrote one follower.

The 19 Kids and Counting clan tend to wear swimsuits that are much more modest, using attire from

But Amy also has been getting praise for taking the time to show her support for Anna Duggar, reported People.

Anna, who has four children with Josh, made an appearance at the wedding, and Amy embraced her whole-heartedly.

“I gave her the biggest hug ever when I first saw her,” declared the 19 Kids and Counting rebel cousin.

Amy Duggar is known as the rebel of the "19 Kids And Counting" family.
Amy Duggar is known as the rebel of the "19 Kids And Counting" family.

And when Amy gave little gifts to some of her relatives, she made sure to give Anna something special.

“I can’t imagine what she’s been through. I would be a disaster… I felt like Anna needed to be pampered so I got her a mani-pedi certificate to a nail salon. I feel like she needs that…They’ve been through so much and it means the world to me that they want to come to my wedding even though their whole world is turned upside down right now.”

But while Anna gets sympathy, Josh Duggar has no remorse, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Remaining in rehab for sexual addiction and thus not at Amy’s wedding, an insider said that the face Josh presented to the public is very different from his true persona.

“No remorse,” said the source. “He is not the person everyone thought they knew.”

Moreover, the insider revealed that Josh made jokes about the reports that he had molested five underage girls. Prior to stepping down from his job, Josh used to travel frequently for work. Thus this source says that in addition to the revelation that Josh had various social media accounts on OKCupid and Facebook, the insider is predicting that more mistresses will step forward in the future.

As the Inquisitr reported, Dr. Phil also made this prediction.

“We have not seen the bottom of that yet. My dad used to say that for every rat you see, there’s 50 you don’t,” said Dr. Phil of Josh.

[Images Via Dillon King/Instagram]