Disney Characters Reimagined As Gay In Response To Rumored Film [Photos]

Disney characters have been reimagined in a lot of ways by enterprising artists all over the world. When a disproven rumor Disney was planning a film about two princes falling in love spread across the Interweb, it was only a matter of time before they would give LGBT versions a try.

The results have been turning up all over social media and on sites like WittyFeed. There have been several in both male and female incarnations. The image pictured above is Prince Eric and Prince Philip.

Here are some.

As you might imagine, with such alterations of famous Disney characters, the reaction has been quite mixed online.

One commenter said the pictures “didn’t ruin my childhood.”

She continued.

“As a kid growing up I was fascinated with same sex love. I think it’s awesome people can have love for all kinds of people not the opposite sex. I think the issue is people are too quick to jump to immediate bedroom thoughts when they think of the same sex being together. That is half of the issue with people. When I see two women together I think awe its cool to see love all around.”

Another female commenter disagreed.

“Dude I get it but this whole pride thing is annoying the s*** out of me!!! This s*** just ruined my childhood, this s*** just ruins everything, plus ruins Disney!!! Don’t get me wrong I support gays and same sex marriages, but this whole pride thing is getting out of hand like f****** for real!!!! I’ve read up to 25 of the same s*** and it’s all so stupid, don’t ruin Disney for others just because you like the same sex!!!”

Some had trouble with the concept of sexualizing Disney characters in general.

“Disney characters don’t have any kind of sex. Why can’t we leave the kids’ stuff to the kids?”

What are your thoughts on this sort of thing, readers? Do the images seen above and at the links provided in the text offend you, or are they a natural extension of changing attitudes toward same-sex couples?

Also, what do you think about the idea of a LGBT animated feature from Disney? Do you think it’s only a matter of time, and would you take your children to see a film about two same-sex Disney characters falling in love? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via ILoveGreen.it]