Ex-Danity Kane Members Call Out Diddy For Their Debts [Video]

Danity Kane made millions yet were in debt, and they say that their manager, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is to blame.

Former members of the all-girl R & B group Danity Kane Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, and were very candid about why they never made any money, even though Danity Kane had 2 platinum records and made more than $2 million opening for Christina Aguilera on her “Back to Basics” tour.

Ex-Danity Kane Members Call Out Diddy For Their Debts
Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day, former members of all-girl R & B group Danity Kane, photographed at the 2015 MTV Music Awards

“We came off that tour $15,000 in debt,” O’Day tells Charlamagne Tha God during the interview. O’Day, 31, and Bex, 35, have formed a new group, called Dumblonde, but have not forgotten those Danity Kane debts. Bex adds: “We were signed to Diddy. That’s all I’m gonna say. Thanks, Diddy.”

Danity Kane was formed by Combs on MTV’s hit show Making the Band in 2005. Danity Kane was received well by audiences, but never was able to take off. Danity Kane reunited in 2013, without Combs or Wanita “D.Woods” Woodgette. The group included Dawn Richard, Aundrea Fimbres, Bex, and O’Day. TMZ reported that the 4 were seen out and about with a new manager. It wasn’t clear who had rights to the Danity Kane name, and they used it anyway without any response from Combs. The revived Danity Kane released several singles, including “Rhythm of Love” and “Bye Baby” in 2014. When asked why Danity Kane reunited, O’Day replied, “It wasn’t even money, because we never make any.”

This isn’t the first time Danity Kane’s issues have been publicized. In 2009, 4 years after Combs created the group, he fired 4 of the 5 original Danity Kane members, for no specific reason. Dawn Richard was the only member who was spared. However, the firing led to rumors circulating that the Danity Kane members who got the pink slip believed that Combs was ripping them off.

When asked on The Breakfast Club if there would be another Danity Kane reunion, O’Day shut it down.

“Danity Kane is dead, done and over. Let’s move on.”


O’Day and Bex are now working independently on their current album, which is on preorder and expected to drop September 25. Although they are using Caroline Records to distribute the album, O’Day states “all of the creation, you know, every piece of this product, up until the point of delivery, that’s us.” It seems that going independent is a lesson they learned after they called Combs out for walking away with their hard-earned cash. Both Bex and O’Day agreed that Combs was to blame for leaving them in debt.

Dumblonde’s self-titled album is available for pre-order on iTunes for $9.99, and Google Play for $9.49. iTunes has 5 singles from the album that you can purchase now, for $1.29 each. Danity Kane’s last album, DK3, is also available on both iTunes and Google Play, as well as their first 2 albums, Danity Kane and Welcome to the Dollhouse. Aubrey O’Day also has a solo album available for purchase, titled Between Two Evils.

[Photo by MTV]