Lea Michele Bitten By The Horror Bug: ‘I Would Love To Be On ‘American Horror Story”

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Aug. 23 2017, Updated 5:00 a.m. ET

It seems Scream Queens actress Lea Michele is coming out more and more as a huge horror buff, which is something some Scream Queens fans newly introduced to Ms. Michele might find surprising. In fact, Design & Trend reports Ms. Michele is very eager to continue working with Ryan Murphy and not just on Scream Queens.

Warning: Minor spoilers for Scream Queens ahead.

“I would love to be on American Horror Story,” Ms. Michele said. “I would honestly love, love, love to do [American Horror Story], but I feel so grateful to Ryan for including me in Scream Queens and I don’t want to overextend my situation here. But if he would have me, I would be so excited.”

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Lea recalls the conversation that led to her Scream Queens role and, recounting the conversation, Ms. Michele remembers that she was expecting an entirely different offer from Mr. Murphy.

“I had no idea what it was. I was so excited. I had to keep it quiet for a really long time. I thought it was maybe another season of American Horror Story that he was asking me to be a part of,” said Ms. Michele. “It wasn’t until it was announced online that he told me that it was Scream Queens. More than anything, it’s giving me the opportunity to play someone other than Rachel Berry.”

Speaking of Glee, Ms. Michele hopes that the fans that spent so many years following her through that series will again be drawn into her Scream Queens exploits. As the actress reveals to Pop Sugar, many of the same behind-the-scenes talents from Glee are again coming together on the new series.

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“This is a great next story for them to get involved with. Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] created American Horror Story, and that show is incredible. Then you add in [writer] Ian Brennan from Glee, and you have Scream Queens. I’m so excited for everyone to see it. I remember when we were in the beginning stages of Glee and everyone was like, ‘What is this show about? Is it like High School Musical? You’re singing? I don’t understand. Is it a fantasy?’ All we wanted was for people to see it so we could stop explaining it,” recalled Lea. “With Scream Queens, people are like, ‘Is it so scary? Is it funny?’ I can’t wait for people to see it, because I truly believe in it so much and I’m really proud of it.”

Being the horror buff Ms. Michele claims to be hasn’t made her immune to the terrors that await in the scary environments on Scream Queens sets, as Lea reveals in talking about one of the scariest Scream Queens moments she has experienced.

“Just the other night, I had to shoot a scene in this old gas station that was surrounded by abandoned cabins. There’s a killer on the loose on the show, and I was genuinely so scared,” Michele confessed. “What makes the show so scary is the environment. It has that eerie, old vibe to it. You take the scripts, which are scary, but then you add in locations, and that makes it way scarier. I’m a horror champion. I’ve seen every horror movie. It’s definitely scary, but I’d say we focus more on the comedy.”

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Finally, Lea revealed her horror film prowess in remarking on some of the most popular recent horror films to hit theaters, and Ms. Michele’s opinions of these films may give fans a hint of what they can expect from Scream Queens.

Lea Michele was first asked her opinion of It Follows.

“Listen, dude. That movie was not scary — at all.”

Lea continued to speak about the film.

“I purchased it [It Follows] early and now I own it. Cinematically it was amazing. It was beautifully done and it was a cool concept. The movie I genuinely enjoyed, but I wouldn’t classify that as a horror film.”

What about The Babadook?

Again, I liked how it’s done. I appreciated the quality and how unique it was, but I laughed at The Babadook. One thing that I did see recently and it was pretty rough was The Orphanage. That one got me good.”

Fans can see how Scream Queens stacks up, when it premieres on Tuesday, September 22, on Fox.

[Featured image: Lea Michele courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images]


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