Is Beyonce Blessing The Beyhive With A New Song Soon?

Beyonce is set to make another big comeback. She’s shocking her fans yet again with some new music. Beyonce made a surprise collaboration with music producer Naughty Boy.

The British producer has a new song coming out with the Queen B. The song is called “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” which he’s been actively promoting on Twitter.

On Wednesday, September 16, the producer took to Twitter to share several messages. In the tweets, he revealed that he made a new song with Beyonce. He even tweeted some of the lyrics from the new song with the hashtag #LoseItAll.

“If I lose myself, I lose it all/I’ve outrun the fears that chased, they’re standing still. Ain’t runnin’ from myself no more/Together we’ll win it all. I’m ready to face it all.”

“Chasing you, chasing you, memories turn to dust/I’m calling you, I’m missing you. Nothing else matters now, you’re not here.”

It looks like Bey’s new song is about the aftermath of a breakup. That’s not all though that Naughty Boy revealed about the surprising new song. He also released the album artwork of his secret collaboration with Beyonce, along with a 15-second teaser clip, which is now on YouTube and Vevo.

Those who were expecting Beyonce to release a follow up to “Drunk In Love” and “Partition” will be disappointed. Both the song’s lyrics and the album artwork hint reveal a softer and mellower sound.

Beyonce has remained quiet ever since she surprised her fans with a new album in December 2013. She also re-released her successful Beyonce album with new tracks like “7/11” and “Ring Off.” Even though she’s made an appearance on Nicki Minaj and Michelle Williams’ new songs, the Beyhive has been wondering if she will release new music anytime soon.

It’s surprising that Beyonce would work with someone like Naughty Boy. She tends to be protective when it comes to her image and her music collaborations, so it’s interesting that she’s decided to work with a controversial producer. He’s become known as the guy who gets into Twitter fights with One Direction members and their fans. Naughty Boy took Zayn Malik under his wing when the 22-year-old abruptly left the successful boy band in March of this year. He also worked with Sam Smith.

Rumors have been swirling that a Bey and Naughty Boy collaboration was in the works. Sources told The Sun said that the powerhouse singer heard the original song on YouTube and fell in love with it. Beyonce asked Naughty to remove the song from the video sharing site so she can record her own version of the track. The two became friends and their fast friendship has sparked the interest of Bey’s husband, Jay Z.

The rapper is interested in signing Naughty Boy to his Roc Nation label, according to a report via the Daily Mail.

Naughty Boy and Beyonce’s full track will be released on Thursday, September 17 at 7 p.m. EST. The Beyhive will be waiting to hear some new music from Queen Bey.

What are your thoughts on Naughty Boy’s new song with Beyonce? Are you looking forward to hearing it in full tomorrow?

[Image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]