San Diego Bay: Video Of Killer Whales [Orcas] Chasing A Boat Goes Viral

A video showing a pod of killer whales chasing a boat has gone viral, reports The Huffington Post. The incident reportedly happened off the coast of San Diego and according to the captions in the video, took place on September 10. The video of the spectacle was captured by two fishermen onboard the small boat. A report by KTLA adds that the chance encounter with the killer whales took place around 5 miles off Point Loma.

The video clip of the killer whales in action has been embedded above. The best part in the video comes after the 1 minute and 20-second mark when you can clearly see a whale jumping out of the water – just a few feet away from the boat. On several occasions, the whales are also seen swimming right under the boat. There were also occasions when they were seen swimming just beside them.

Killer whales

The men onboard the boat say they saw at least 30 killer whales on the day the incident was recorded. The two men on the boat have not been identified yet. However, based on the video description posted on YouTube, their first names have been revealed as Todd and Ben. In the video description, Ben wrote a description.

“Todd and I left San Diego Bay at dawn on 9/10/15 to go offshore spearfishing/fishing on Todd’s 20′ panga. About 5 miles off Point Loma, we saw the animals but couldn’t determine exactly what they were until they approached our boat. There was a pod of about 30 of them, young and old, small and large.”

Meanwhile, a report on The Independent added that the men were really scared at one point when they thought the whales were a little too close for comfort.

“I’m really scared he’s going to bite my arm off.”

While Killer Whales are known to be vicious hunters from whom even the Great White Shark prefer to keep a safe distance, they seem to have cordial relationships with human beings. Killer Whales are not known to deliberately attack humans. However, Orcas can hurt humans in other ways. These whales which could weigh more than 22,000 pounds can cause serious damage to small boats if they come in their paths.

What do you think? Were the killer whales just having fun with the boat and the people onboard it?

[Image Via YouTube Screengrab]