Apple Watch watchOS 2 Delayed: Is It Time To Buy A Samsung Gear S2?

Owners of the Apple Watch were very disappointed to learn that the watchOS2 update will not be released today. CNET broke the news this morning.

“Apple on Wednesday delayed the Watch OS 2 software update for its wearable device, citing bugs. The company didn’t say when the software would be available.”

However, as CNET notes, Apple did release the iOS 9 software today as promised. The site also summarized why the Apple Watch upgrade is so significant.

“Watch OS 2, meanwhile, lets apps run directly on the Apple Watch, meaning they can tap into features like the heart-rate sensor, microphone and video playback. Previously, all apps had to run through an iPhone, which limited their capabilities and caused many Apple Watch users to complain about slowness and lack of functionality.”

Comments after a similar article about the Apple Watch update on TechCrunch were not very nice.

“Don’t call it an iWatch! It’s an iFail,” said commenter Carl Curmudgeon.

“It doesn’t take guts to delay the release. Instead they should simply release a botched product like they’ve done in the past,” said Robert Friedman.

There was some criticism on Twitter as well.


Perhaps these users may want to look at Samsung’s Gear S2 watch instead, which is said to eventually work with the iPhone. The Australian thinks the Gear S2 can definitely compete with the Apple Watch.

“It works surprisingly well and provides a watch navigation system similar to Apple Watch. The Gear S2 additionally has back and home buttons to aid watch navigation.”

The review notes that the Gear S2 has 4GB of internal storage and that Samsung claims a battery life of two to three days, which is far longer than the Apple Watch lasts on a full charge.

BGR believes that with the Gear S2, the Apple Watch has finally met its match and likes its Tizen operating system, interface, and AMOLED display. The review says that while the Apple Watch is designed for quick interactions, Samsung’s device wants more of the user’s attention.

Neither the Apple Watch nor Samsung’s previous Gear S smartwatch have taken off with consumers. Perhaps, Apple will have better luck when the company finally releases watchOS 2.

[Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images News]