Olivia Wilde Shines At Michael Kors Show

It’s New York Fashion Week, and Olivia Wilde captivated at the Michael Kors 2016 Spring Show.

Olivia Wilde, whom you may remember from House or Tron: Legacy, appeared at Wednesday’s show donning an eye-catching maroon and tan vintage geometric dress with a white Peter Pan collar and cuffs. The dress, which fell to Wilde’s calves, featured a sheer lacy hemline and almost microscopic sequins. She accesorized with a thin black belt, a tan and black clutch, two-band sandals, and her dazzling engagement ring.

When asked about her dress, Wilde stated that she likes “to look put together,” but that she needs “to be able to move around and function.”

…I can’t be kind of squeezing into something that’s not going to work, you know, running on cobblestones and jumping into the subway. So I feel his [Michael Kors] looks are always keeping women in mind–working women in mind, professional women who are powerful and sexy.

Wilde is a working mom; her son with fiancè Jason Dudeikis, Otis Alexander, was born in April of 2014. Wilde looked more than put together, with her signature voluminous lashes, long brown waves, and pale rosy pink makeup stealing the show. Prior to Wednesday’s show, Wilde shared a candid message captioning her fashion show look with her almost 500,000 Instagram followers.


When Wilde arrived at the Michael Kors Spring 2016 Fashion show, she walked in behind star Naomi Watts, and the two sat side-by-side in the front row. Watts’ look mirrored Wilde’s: she, too, had chosen a dress with a Peter Pan collar. Watts’ version was black, with a red collar, and a red and white skirt that split up the front. She carried a black clutch, wearing only a gold bracelet and a silver cocktail ring. Watts and Wilde also posed for a photo with the designer, who seemed thrilled to pose with the actresses before the show began. When asked if chance seating arrangements foster lasting relationships, Wilde replied,

“Absolutely, yeah. Often it’s the people you admire but you never have the chance to see or work with because women don’t get to work together that often in films…sometimes fashion shows are the only place you get to meet other actresses.”

The arrivals of both Watts and Wilde caught the eyes of the Council for Fashion Designers, who posted a tweet about the familiar faces at the show.

Wilde enjoyed the show, even if sitting in the front row is a “little stressful.” Wilde states she focuses on “not tripping the models,” and that it is “a lot like sitting courtside at a basketball game, you just can’t believe how tall they are.”

Michael Kors had an “earthy elegance” for this show, and acknowledged the competition in the fashion industry.

“I’m an optimistic guy, you know? I think that’s how I approach fashion. I still believe that when people put the right thing on it changes them. It changes your spirit, it changes your step. I’ve seen a woman try on a dress and suddenly stand up straight.”

Among the walkers in this show was Kendall Jenner of Kardashian fame.

[Photos by Getty Images for Michael Kors]