‘Big Brother 17’: Who Is In The Final Three? [Spoilers] [Updated]

Since Big Brother 17 is one week away from wrapping up, the house guests are on an accelerated schedule. Tuesday night viewers saw the eviction of Austin Matelson, who was blindsided by a vote by John McGuire and a tiebreaker by Vanessa Rousso. That eviction was taped on Monday, during a 36-hour feed blackout.

Once the feeds returned on Tuesday evening, viewers learned that the nominations had already taken place and the veto competition had already been played. On Wednesday night’s live program, the veto ceremony will be held and one more house guest will be sent to jury. But since the HOH and the veto holder cannot be evicted, viewers already know two of the final three.

Warning: Spoilers from the Big Brother 17 live feeds to follow.

As viewers of Tuesday’s episode remember, Steve Moses won the Head of Household competition. He won by accident, as the Entertainment Weekly recap reminded viewers, by forgetting to add a zero to his blackboard in the tiebreaker against John.

Big Brother Network reported that Steve nominated Vanessa and John. The veto competition was also held, and Vanessa won. That means that Steve and Vanessa are guaranteed a spot in the final three and Vanessa, as the one vote this week, decides who comes with them.

So, who will Vanessa bring?

As regular viewers of Big Brother know, the next steps are a three-part HOH competition. The final eviction will happen on finale night, and then the jury will decide who gets the first prize of $500,000, and who gets the runner-up prize of $50,000. Vanessa will weigh not only who she can beat to become that very-important final HOH, but who she might beat in a jury vote.

Liz has been Vanessa’s ally throughout the game. But Vanessa’s willingness to evict Austin demonstrated she isn’t against the idea of evicting her allies. She has been close with Steve throughout the game as well, but she and John have recently become closer.

John has never won a Head of Household, although he won several Power of Veto competitions. John threw the HOH competition at least once, letting Steve take the HOH when Julia Nolia was ultimately evicted, but Vanessa doesn’t know that. Liz won Head of Household more than once. She may seem like a greater threat to Vanessa getting to the final.

Big Brother 17 airs Wednesday night, when Vanessa will decide who to bring with her and Steve to the final three. The next episode is Sunday, followed by the 90-minute season finale on Wednesday, September 23.

Big Brother 17 airs on CBS.

UPDATE: On the September 16 live broadcast, Vanessa chose to evict John. Vanessa, Steve and Liz are Big Brother 17‘s final three.

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