‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: New HOH In Power Following Eviction

Big Brother 17 spoilers are flowing freely again. With the live feeds down for a while, Big Brother 17 spoilers had been hard to discern for about 36 hours. The surprise eviction episode from CBS on Tuesday, September 15, brought an end to the mystery of what had been going on inside the BB17 house. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates first confirmed that John McGuire had won the Week 12 Veto, and then who got used by Head of Household Vanessa Rousso as the replacement nominee.

At the Veto ceremony, Johnny Mac saved himself, forcing Vanessa to make the hard choice. She then put Austin Matelson on the block, possibly putting him at risk of joining the BB17 jury next. During the taped eviction ceremony, the latest votes were revealed. Liz Nolan voted to evict Steve Moses and John voted to evict Austin, forcing a tie that had to be broken by the HOH. With the pressure on Vanessa, she voted out Austin, who hadn’t even put on shoes for the ceremony.

Based on these Big Brother 17 spoilers, the final four competitors are now Vanessa Rousso, Liz Nolan, John McGuire, and Steve Moses. Only the latter three houseguests were allowed to play in the final four Head of Household competition. With a guaranteed spot in the final three on the line, the pressure was on to secure that safety with a win. Once the HOH has been decided, it doesn’t even matter who the nominees become, because the Veto winner will steal away that power.

In the HOH competition, the three houseguests had to answer seven true or false questions. The person with the most correct answers was going to get all the power. John and Steve each answered five correctly, forcing a tie-breaker to decide who would win. The question from BB17 host Julie Chen was to answer how many seconds the Under the Rainbow competition took to complete. Steve was the closest, giving him another HOH title.

The next episode of the show is going to air on Wednesday, September 16, when the eighth member of the BB17 jury is decided. The producers have a lot of footage saved up to show, taking the houseguests down to the final three by the end of the episode. Those three houseguests will then start what is expected to be an endurance challenge to kick off the final HOH competition. With the live feeds coming back online following the west coast viewing of Tuesday night’s episode, quite a few additional Big Brother 17 spoilers will be revealed before Wednesday night.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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