‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Who Gets Voted Out Of ‘BB17’ On September 15?

Big Brother 17 spoilers predict who gets voted out on September 15. The Big Brother 17 spoilers coming out of the house have thinned out due to the live feed being down, but that hasn’t stopped the fan sites from making educated guesses. A report from Big Brother Network states that the eviction vote shown on the Tuesday episode will be in favor of Austin Matelson getting sent to the BB17 jury.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, John McGuire (Johnny Mac) won the Veto competition and then used that power to get off the block. Vanessa Rousso, the current Head of Household, then used Austin as the replacement nominee. He now resides on the block next to Steve Moses, who had felt he was going to get voted out as well. A twist in how Vanessa is approaching the game has her targeting Austin for this next eviction.

According to the Big Brother 17 spoilers, Liz Nolan will vote against Steve, John will vote against Austin, and the HOH (Vanessa) will have to make a tie-breaking vote. Big Brother Network states that the vote is going to be against Austin, making him the seventh member of the BB17 jury. Everything that has transpired in the house over this past weekend will finally get revealed on Tuesday night by CBS. There is a lot of footage that won’t be shown yet.

With the way that producers have scheduled the season, the final five houseguests may have already had the eviction vote. Producers have to put on a final five HOH competition, the nomination ceremony, the Veto competition, and the Veto ceremony before the live Wednesday night episode on September 16. That is when another eviction is going to take place, and where the BB17 house will go down to its final three competitors for the season.

There is a lot of information that is going to come out on the live feeds once Wednesday’s episode has aired. The live feeds aren’t going to get turned back on until the west coast views that show, meaning there is still a lot of time to go until viewers get caught up with the houseguests. Breaking it down even further, the Big Brother 17 spoilers are going to be flowing freely again at about 10 p.m. PT on September 16. Since the east coast will find out who got evicted three hours before the west coast, spoilers could also come out in that three-hour window.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]

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