Saint Donald Saves McMahon

Donald Trump announced that he would save Ed McMahon’s Beverly Hills mansion from foreclosure by buying it and leasing it back to McMahon.

Nice. I am deeply touched by his act.

It was just his way of adding another property under his portfolio, masquerading as a good deed. Or maybe, he really wanted to help the former sidekick of Johnny Carson. He has not worked for 18 months because of a neck injury, defaulting $4.8 million in mortgage loans.

Trump said that he does not personally know McMahon but he watches him every night when he was still studying in Wharton School of Business.

Since Trump is so selfless with this act even to someone that he does not personally know, I would like to invite him to save the one in every 464 household in the U.S. that received foreclosure filing last month.

By then, we can call him Saint Donald.