Kate Middleton Took $12 Million Plane To Make 2 Hour Journey

It’s always hard for a parent to get their children ready for a long journey. And it’s no different for Kate Middleton.

Expect that when she was trying to prepare 2-year-old Prince George and 6-month-old Princess Charlotte for her recent trip to Scotland, rather than putting the pair in a cramped car, she had a $12 million plane lined up to take the family up to Scotland.

According to the Express, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte took the lavish aircraft to Scotland last week. The pair were offered the helping hand by The Duke Of Westminster Gerald Grosvenor, who leant the couple his £8 million ($12 million) jet, which took them from Sandringham all the way up to the Highlands. The journey up to Scotland took around 2 hours. When in Scotland, the family then traveled to Balmoral, which is the Queen’s Scottish home.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made the journey on Tuesday, September 8, landing in Aberdeen late that evening. The next day, they then attended a dinner at Balmoral, which had specifically been organized to celebrate the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history. The Queen surpassed Queen Victoria’s record on Wednesday.

A witness to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landing in Scotland explained, “There were three cars waiting on the tarmac for them as they landed. William and Kate got in one car with Prince George and then Charlotte, who was carried in a car seat, went in another with the nanny. They had quite a few bodyguards with them.”

If Kate Middleton and Prince William had decided to take a normal plane up until Scotland, they could have traveled via budget airlines BMI/FlyBe, and it would have cost them around $220 per person.

Kensington Palace has refused to confirm how Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte made their way up to Scotland. However, a spokesman for Kensington Palace made it clear that the journey wasn’t made with taxpayer’s money.

Instead, it was paid for by Gerald Grosvenor. Which, when you consider that he’s worth around £8.6 billion ($13 billion), and is the ninth richest man in the United Kingdom, hardly made a dent in his pocket.

Kate Middleton is expected to make her return to royal engagements later this week, while she made her first appearance in several months yesterday, where she debuted her new hairstyle when she attended a church service in Scotland.

[Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images]