Britney Spears Ignores Fatherly Advice By Zeroing In On Restaurant Mogul Charlie Morton

On Friday night, Britney Spears was spotted having a sushi date with the illustrious Charlie Morton, ex-boyfriend to both Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore, at Iroha Sushi on Hollywood's Ventura Boulevard near Universal City.

The photographs of Britney and Charlie, viewable in a report from TMZ, show the tall-dark-and-handsome Morton, dressed casually in a black tee, deep in conversation with Britney, who is wearing a dangerously low-cut white top. The photos were taken with a cell phone and are quite pixelated, but you can tell that Britney chose to show some serious cleavage on her date.

The news that Britney is adding yet another man to the long line of those she has dated/been engaged to/married may come as a surprise to some because of the supposed departure from men she announced during a Vegas show in August, writes The Hamilton Spectator.

"Being single for a year has been very, very, very profound," Spears told the audience, "and I feel like all men should suck my toe!"

It is interesting Britney said she had been single for a year, as all sources report that her dating relationship with Charlie Ebersol just ended this June.

Nevertheless, it now seems that Britney's short-lived swearing off of opposite-sex relations was due to the advice of Jamie Spears, her father... advice which Britney could only bring herself to abide by for several months. An anonymous source spoke to America's OK! magazine about Britney and Jamie's interactions.

"Jamie wants her to rebuild her confidence after breaking up with Charlie, while Britney wants to find a man right away. She pushes her dad every day, saying that a new guy will help her forget about Charlie."
Spears, the source says, "throws everything into relationships before they have a chance to grow, and the guys run."

Britney's father is just trying to protect her from further hurt, fearing a repeat of the well-documented breakdown she suffered of 2008.

So is Spears guilty of violating filial piety? Maybe.

In her defense, though, Spears could have done a lot worse than Morton. He is handsome, wealthy from being CEO of the Pink Taco restaurant chain, and has always maintained a positive public persona that leads one to believe he would treat Britney well. This is further evidenced by the fact that neither of Morton's previous high-profile relationships (with Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan, respectively) have involved any abusive or even unpleasant acts on Morton's part. When he broke up with Lohan, she flooded his entire apartment building as revenge, but that's a subject for another article, and it certainly does not reflect negatively on Morton's possible relationship with Spears.

It seems likely that Britney met Charlie in circumstances surrounding her gig at Las Vegas's Planet Hollywood, where Spears recently signed a $35 million dollar 2-year extension. One of Pink Taco's largest branches is located inside the Hard Rock Cafe just a few doors away.

[Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]