‘How He Asked’ Instagram Account Shows Marriage Proposals, Gives Engagement Ideas

These days, it’s all about the marriage proposal. That’s likely why Instagram accounts like “How He Asked” have more than 313,000 followers. A scroll through the photos on the “How He Asked” Instagram account prove that certain future grooms have put a lot of thought into their marriage proposals, making them worthy of capturing on film for life.

Such was the case with Susie and Daniel’s “magical proposal in the snow,” as it is called on the How He Asked website, which details Daniel’s methodical planning and Susie’s love of exclamation points and her snowy wedding proposal.

“How He Asked: On January 18th of this year, I took a trip to Oregon to visit Daniel, while he had secretly been planning to propose for a couple months! He took me to Mount Hood, OR just to go snowboarding and see some snow, when all along his plan was to propose! I always dreamed of having the perfect proposal, especially in the snow, and he made my dreams come true!”

Indeed, the candles in the snow, coupled with the flowers and ring shown on “How He Asked” prove that attention to detail can seriously bring about a romantic and unforgettable proposal of marriage.

With wedding proposals making the news all the time, such as the marriage proposal in pictures reported by the Baltimore Sun, covering the engagement of Ethan McGinn and Amy Verdin, the pressure is felt by men. Those needing to get ideas can surely turn to “How He Asked” for inspiration. That doesn’t mean the soon-to-be-married men should directly copy the engagement ideas found therein, but “How He Asked” can be used to uncover ideas for the unique type of proposal that their own individual future fiancees would enjoy.

Other stories on “How He Asked” are truly heartwarming, with one man asking his girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage. The man was in the hospital, and he feverishly scribbled “Yes” four times on his tablet in reply. The plethora of stories showing weeping women crying happy tears and overjoyed men from their future brides telling them that they will affirmatively marry them are the type of feel-good fare that does well on social media.

Whereas in the past, wedding proposals were generally private affairs, only described afterward to family and friends, these days wedding proposals are plenty of times laid bare for public consumption. Which means the best hint a future groom can give his future bride is to tell her she’s going somewhere really fancy. That way, she’ll be able to have her hair and nails done and the proper attire on when all those cameras start rolling.

[Image via howheasked.com/Photo by @clearrockstudios]