First Look: The Walking Dead’s Michonne (UNDER the Hood)

AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently shooting its highly-anticipated season 3. Today is a good day for Dead-heads everywhere, because today, you get your first look at a new character teased in last season’s finale – fan-favorite, samurai-sword toting Michonne, courtesy of

Danai Gurira as Michonne

Fans of The Walking Dead comic were treated to a stinger during season 2’s finale that was intended especially for them. In the finale’s final moments, an exhausted Andrea – separated from the group and completely out of bullets – is saved by a mysterious hooded figure wielding a katana. This figure is Michonne, one of the most popular characters in Robert Kirkman’s celebrated comic, and one of the story’s longest-running survivors. If you know the comics, then your knowledge of Michonne undoubtedly made you the center of attention at your Walking Dead season finale party, when you had to explain who she was to your friends (fans of the show yet unbaptized in the flames of its inspired tome), saving them from their confusion earned by the appearance of a character that you damn-well-know means that season 3 is going to be epic.

Playing Michonne is actress Danai Gurira, though she was not yet cast by the time of last season’s finale. The hooded-Michonne was instead played by a stand-in. Says comic creator Kirkman of Gurira’s casting, “We looked at a lot of talented people that were really fantastic, but we were waiting for that one spark, that moment where everyone was completely in agreement and completely excited, and we felt like we had found the essence of this fictional character that just randomly appeared in another person, and that person was Danai Gurira. She kind of came in and really just blew us all away. She’s got incredible presence, and she’s got a theater background, and is very physical, and was just perfect for the role.”

In the comic, Michonne joins the survivors as they settle down in a fortified prison, which Dead-heads everywhere know will be the main playground of season 3 (as it follows the order of the comics and was also teased in the season 2 finale). Fans of the comic are also patiently waiting for the appearance of the comic’s most sinister human villain, The Governor. David Morrissey has been cast, meaning the character will play a part in season 3, but aside from casting news, not much is known about how he’ll figure into the show yet.

If you know who he is, you know what’s coming. If you don’t know who he is, boy… are you in for a treat.

Here’s another bonus – first look at season 3, which actor Andrew Lincoln describes as “darker, harder, faster, deeper.”

Are you looking forward to The Walking Dead season 3? Surprised that Andrew Lincoln is English?