‘Johnny Football’ Throws First-Ever Career Touchdown Pass For The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns’ backup quarterback, “Johnny Football,” is the big story of the day so far with his beautiful 54-yard pass to Travis Benjamin that resulted in a touchdown in Sunday’s game versus the New York Jets. The first week of the NFL season has officially begun, and Johnny Manziel, also known as “Johnny Football” by both football fans and the press, is already in the news.

Manziel, a former Heisman Trophy winner and first-round draft pick, struggled quite a bit during his 2014 rookie season. During that season, Johnny lost both of his starts and ended up on injured reserve. Johnny had been sidelined since August 23 with tendinitis in his throwing elbow, according to Fox Sports.

During the second quarter of the football game, Josh McCown, starting quarterback for the Browns, sprinted toward the end zone in what looked like a certain touchdown run. However, McCown took a nasty hit from New York safety Calvin Pryor, causing a fumble, and then the Browns quarterback took another hit, this time to his head and left shoulder, from Demario Davis. The Jets ended up with possession of the ball after a scramble.

McCown was taken to the locker room to be checked over, and the football player was reported to have suffered a concussion from the hit. McCown was reportedly taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Johnny Football was then called on by the Cleveland Browns early in the second quarter to replace the injured starting quarterback and quickly delivered for the Browns when he threw a 54-yard pass to Travis Benjamin, who ran past Jets player Antonio Cromartie.

Esquire called Johnny Football’s pass a “thing of beauty.” The NFL’s official Twitter account tweeted Johnny Manziel is now officially Johnny Touchdown.

The pass marked Johnny Football’s first career touchdown pass as well as the Brown’s first points of the season, giving the Browns a 7-0 lead against the Jets. USA Today reports Johnny Football led the Browns to a field goal, but by halftime, the Jets led 14-10.

After Johnny Football’s beautifully executed touchdown pass, he later had three turnovers, threw an interception in the third quarter, and fumbled twice in the fourth quarter, ESPN reports. The Jets converted two of the turnovers into touchdowns.

The Cleveland Browns ended up losing 31-10 to the New York Jets.

Though Johnny Football came out swinging with a touchdown pass, the first-ever for his career, he seemed to struggle for the rest of the game with turnovers and fumbles. What did you think of Johnny Football’s performance in today’s football game?

[Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images]