Siwon Of ‘Super Junior’ Supports Kim Davis’ View On Same-Sex Marriage But Apologizes To Fans For Insensitive Tweet

One of the most prominent acts in K-pop history still performing today is Super Junior. Hitting it big with their song “Sorry, Sorry,” the mega group currently consisting of 11 members — Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun — continues their success today with their latest album Devil. However, each member of the boy band is an individual in his own right with his own views, personality, and beliefs.

That said, Choi Si Won (who is better known as Siwon) has been prominently featured in Korean entertainment news for his individuality, especially when it comes to his views. For years, K-pop fans, especially those who are E.L.F. (Super Junior fans), have known about Siwon’s stance against same-sex relations. Now, he is furthering said stance through his support of Kim Davis.

On Thursday, September 10, Siwon supported Kim Davis by citing a tweet by well-known Christian theologian John Piper, as reported by KpopStarz. The tweet also contained a link to an article asking ten questions for rule-of-law critics of Kim Davis, written by Joe Rigney of The Federalist.

Siwon has a documented history against same-sex marriage. The superstar made it known he would refuse any acting role in K-dramas or movies that are sexually ambiguous, as reported by Koreaboo.

“I will respectfully refuse any such offers. While I respect all genders, I do not wish to acknowledge homosexuals as I have been taught that God created Man and Woman with specific characteristics and duties. I realize that with globalization, there are many [entertainers] who do not share my views. There are those who are value-oriented and those who are success-oriented. However shouldn’t an actor deliver an image to his audience through roles he chooses to portray, based on his beliefs in life?”

In spite of his beliefs, Siwon did public apologize for his tweets. K-pop fans and gay rights supporters felt the message in John Piper’s tweet harshly criticized the existence of same-sex marriage, as reported by KdramaStars.

“I apologize for my inconsiderate choice to retweet Rev. Piper’s tweet. The reason I echoed Rev. Piper’s tweet was because I wished to voice a plurality of opinions. However, now I realize that my comments were hurtful to those I hold dearest; my fans and their families. I am truly sorry. My judgment was insensitive, thoughtless and ill-conceived. I will do my best to learn from my mistakes and reflect on my faith. I thank everyone for their support and understanding.”

For now, the situation with Siwon and his tweets on same-sex marriage are still under debate among K-pop fans. One key reason for the debate is that Siwon, at times, performs skinship (otherwise known as simulated homosexuality) when performing as part of Super Junior. However, Siwon has been adamant in maintaining his conservative religious views despite his seemingly contradictory on-stage actions.

[Image courtesy of Super Junior Promotions]