Kylie Jenner Kisses Tyga In Sexy Video At NYFW

Kylie Jenner and Tyga “may have taken it a bit too far” during a night out after attending a show at New York Fashion Week. People reports that on Saturday, they couple were at the Alexander Wang NYFW show “in style,” sitting in the front row where Kylie’s fabulous outfit and Tyga’s coordinated look were easily visible. Kylie “wore a form-fitting, thigh-length black dress with ankle-high platform shoes,” Tyga “flashed his diamond and gold grillz,” and they were on their best behavior.


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Later, they changed outfits to go out on the town, and changed their good behavior too. Kylie dressed in tight black pants over “a black embellished bodysuit” that “made jaws drop when she flaunted extreme sideboob” and revealed her hips. After her good behavior at the NYFW show, Jenner was definitely ready to make a social media statement.

According to the Daily Mail, Kylie is known for loving social media and posting lots of updates “at any given opportunity,” but this time she made an opportunity for herself that was a bit over the top for some fans. In a “racy” snapchat video, Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister filmed herself having a seductive nibble at her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga’s mouth while they were out partying.

Some Kardashian fans weren’t happy with the kiss, although they still support Kylie in her choice of boyfriend. One Twitter user went to far as to say it was a turnoff to see Tyga’s open mouth, but added, “good for u tho girl” to her comment.

Kylie and Tyga have been involved for some time, going “from quiet canoodling to putting their love on blast” after Kylie finally turned 18 and the romance became “(barely) legal love,” according to Billboard.

ET Online says that their appearance together at NYFW means Tyga and Kylie are now “taking their relationship to the next level” as they “made their New York Fashion Week debut as a couple.” The controversial couple have had a lot more public moments since Kylie’s August birthday, “but this was the first time they looked like a real couple in public.”

According to a source who spoke with People, Kylie has mom Kris Kardashian’s approval for the relationship with Tyga.

“There’s not much she could say since Kylie is an adult now. Kris actually supports their relationship big time.”

There have been no reports yet on what Kris Kardashian thinks of Kylie and Tyga’s PDA.

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