Jim Harbaugh’s Sideline Temper Tantrum: Coach Loses It After Roughing The Kicker Call

After witnessing Jim Harbaugh’s sideline temper tantrum during the University of Michigan game against the Oregon State Beavers on Saturday, perhaps someone should remind the Michigan head football coach that it’s only week two of the season. Fansided notes Harbaugh has been known to get angry and show that anger on the sideline, and that tendency “followed him from the San Francisco 49ers to the Michigan Wolverines.”

Today’s game marked Harbaugh’s home debut as the Wolverines’ coach. In the 1980s, he was a quarterback for the Wolverines, and so all eyes were on Harbaugh at today’s game.

Unfortunately, before the first half of the game ended, he lost it on the sideline with a tantrum. Late in the second quarter of the game, a referee called Michigan for roughing the kicker on a Beavers punt, which allowed Oregon State to continue its drive. The Beavers were able to score just before halftime. The penalty, against University of Michigan’s Jeremy Clark, cost the Wolverines the ball and 15 yards.

After the call, Harbaugh lost it and threw a tantrum on the sideline. Harbaugh disagreed with the call and allowed his temper to get the best of him, throwing a tantrum on the sideline. CBS Sports reported he flailed his arms, kicked at the air, and argued with the referees during his sideline tantrum. He tossed his play sheet, whipped his clipboard to the ground, and screamed at the referees.

Harbaugh’s stance was that the punter can’t be roughed outside of the tackle box, and he argued with officials for nearly five minutes; however, the referees didn’t reverse their decision. Throwing a tantrum on the sideline likely didn’t help in changing the minds of the officials.

Obviously Harbaugh isn’t the only college football coach to let his temper get the best of him, resulting in a tantrum on the sideline. As Yardbarker reports, this “isn’t a rare thing.” There are countless examples of coaches getting angry with calls made by officials, and not just in the college arena but the professional one as well.

While the game got off to a rough start, the Michigan Wolverines ended up beating the Oregon State Beavers, 35-7.

Was Jim Harbaugh’s sideline tantrum unprofessional, or did it make you laugh? What did you think of his sideline tantrum?

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