Alison Brie Receives Vulgar Pictures On Twitter From Followers

In the wake of her new movie, Sleeping with Other People, Alison Brie has shared her own sexual encounters and relationship advice she acquired from the movie.

On The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday night, September 10, Brie talked about her experience on Twitter with lewd pictures sent from followers, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. Alison told the host about a time when she was sent a picture of what she thought was an arm, but turned out not to be an arm, after all. Brie responded to the picture, not realizing what she was commenting on.

Brie said that after that particular incident, she received plenty more pictures of body parts from her followers.

Vulgar pictures aren’t the only thing Alison was talking about though. The Daily Beast reports that Brie had a few words to say about her time on the set of Sleeping with Other People. Alison believes the movie has a lot of good things to say about dating.

“[Jason] and I were just joking about it because, you know, we’re not dating experts, just because we did this movie about people who fall in love. It doesn’t mean we know everything about love. Leslye wrote it! We’re just saying the lines that she wrote. But I do think that we’ve been giving some pretty good advice!”

Alison explains to The Daily Beast her reasons for wanting in on the project. It was the sex scene between the character Brie plays and a man who is only using her for physical purposes. Alison really liked the depth of the scene.

“It made me want to do the project. Not because of the sexual content, necessarily. I like the eroticism. But it’s written in a way that’s exploring why this character is addicted to this guy, why she’s in love with him, what she gets from the sex, and how emotional it is rather than just surface gratification—there’s a darker need at play. I thought it would be a great challenge to play those layers while also doing basically the first sex scene I’ve ever shot.”

Brie also said that while filming, she was “living in this highly sensitive, emotionally fragile place.” Alison explained that it wasn’t until after seeing the film completely put together that she realized it actually is a rom-com.

Make sure to check out Alison Brie in her new movie, Sleeping with Other People, which was released yesterday, September 11 in select markets and will have a nationwide release on September 18.

[Photo Courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]