Chris Brown Jealous Of Rihanna’s New Romance With Travis Scott? Fans React To Dating Rumors

Rihanna’s fans may not be keen on the songstress’ new rumored romance with Travis Scott, but it appears the singer’s ex, Chris Brown, isn’t taking too kindly Rihanna’s new relationship either.

Rihanna and Scott seemingly confirmed their budding romance during Rih’s New York Fashion Week party in NYC earlier this week, where TMZ obtained footage of the duo dancing together and making out during the event.

While Rihanna appears to be smitten by the “Rodeo” rapper, fans have taken to social media to express their concerns over the duo’s budding romance.

One fan wrote, “If Travis Scott and Rihanna are dating I lose a lot of respect for Rihanna,” while another added, “This Rihanna and Travis Scott pairing has me all kinds of confused.”

Despite the social media backlash, sources close to Rihanna reveal to Urban Islandz that Rih is “in love” with Travis Scott, noting that she’s tuning out “all the haters.”

“Everyone wants RiRi to be happy and she seems happy and in love so we should all be happy for her,” the source explains.

“Her fans can’t determine her happiness so she pretty much tunes out all the haters right now and is just living her life,” the source continues.

In addition to Rihanna’s fans showing reluctance to support her new romance with Scott, the source further alleges that Rih’s ex, Chris Brown, isn’t too happy about their relationship either.

“Once there is a rumor he always hits her up and asked her about it but at the end of the day he knows that there is no love lost between them, they just grow apart and decided to be friends. So Chris being jealous of whoever RiRi is dating is nothing new.”

The news comes just weeks after sources explain to the site that both Chris Brown and Rihanna’s friends are encouraging them to rekindle their former romance.

“His friends are trying to make the case for him and it’s not like RiRi don’t love him anymore, she still does, but she is much more mature and focused now and will not settle for anything that is not serious or fully committed,” the source explains.

While a reunion for Rihanna and Brown may be off the table for now, sources close to Rihanna explain to E! News that there is “no label” on Rihanna and Scott just yet.

The source explains that the two are “just having fun” and “haven’t put any labels on their relationship, as they are both speaking to other people.”

While the duo has yet to make their romance official, the source explains that Rihanna “really likes” Scott and that the artists are both big fans of one another’s music.

What do you think of Chris Brown being jealous over Rihanna’s new romance?

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