NFL Picks Week 1: NFL Nation Reporters Release Picks And Predictions

NFL picks for Week 1 are out for the ESPN NFL Nation reporters. These Week 1 NFL picks and predictions cover all the weekend games, as well as the two Monday night games. A report from ESPN addresses all the predictions, with some of the experts picking against teams favored to make it deep into the 2016 NFL Playoffs. There are certainly some noteworthy game selections along the way.

There are a number of games where the experts are very one-sided in their selections. That includes predicting big wins by the Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, and Dallas Cowboys. It doesn’t bode well for the opponents that have to go against these teams, with a lot of potential scoring ready to make fantasy football scores sail pretty high. The Packers, Broncos, and Cowboys are also among the favorites to go to the Super Bowl this year, so being favored in the opening week comes as no surprise.

Several other Week 1 NFL picks involve games that have been predicted to be very close. Those are the Indianapolis Colts over the Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins over the Washington Redskins, and the Arizona Cardinals over the New Orleans Saints. An argument can be made in each game that the team predicted to lose could figure out a way to post a win in the opener. The three favored teams are expected to do a lot during the 2015 NFL season though.

The guys at NFL Nation also had a few games where they split on which team is predicted to be the winner in Week 1. Some games they split on are the Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs, the Carolina Panthers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, the Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams, and the Tennessee Titans vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Seahawks open on the road against a division rival without Kam Chancellor on the field. That could be the recipe for an upset that pleases Rams fans.

In the two Monday night games on September 14, the ESPN analysts have differing opinions. They split on the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons game, feeling that a lot of offense is going to be scored. Around 60 points to be exact. In the Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers game later that night, the Week 1 NFL picks side with the Vikings. It shows just how far the 49ers have slipped during an offseason of losing players.

[Image Source: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images]