Seattle Seahawks Done Negotiating With Kam Chancellor

According to two reports, the Seattle Seahawks are finished with their negotiations with All-Pro safety Kam Chancellor, and they will not offer any higher than what has already been discussed.

Dave Softy Mahler of SportsRadioKJR said this morning that a “Team source told me yesterday Hawks are not negotiating with Kam. Sounds like final offer, whatever it is, is on table.”

This news comes amid reports from Peter King of MMQB that Chancellor may not play at all in the entire season for the Seattle Seahawks.

Ed Werder of ESPN said the same as Mahler on Wednesday on the NFL Radio Insiders show and added that Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen has even become involved in negotiations, a rarity for team operations.

Werder reports that according to a team source, “This has gotten to the point where I was told today by a Seahawks team source that Paul Allen, the owner, has declared there will be no more contract negotiations with Kam Chancellor to try to resolve this.”

Kam Chancellor made his first public comments on Wednesday, stating that the Seattle Seahawks were being “pettty” in not meeting his demands, which are quite high. The pulling of all negotiations is likely another stance made by the Seattle Seahawks, but they have held strong so far this offseason with Chancellor.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told KIRO Radio: “The situation has stayed the same. There has been a lot of work done and a lot of conversations and stuff, but it just has not happened to get him here…. We love the guy, wish he’d be here, but he’s got a mindset that’s keeping him out.

“We always want him to come back, but we’re still focusing on what’s real — that’s getting our guys ready to play. Dion Bailey’s going to start and we’re going to have our rotations to take care of that position. We have to keep moving, so that’s what we’re doing. Unfortunately there is no change.”

It will be interesting to see if the talks progress between Chancellor and the Seattle Seahawks as Kam will miss the first game of the NFL season on Sunday, as the Seattle Seahawks face off against divisional foe St. Louis Rams.

Do you think the Seattle Seahawks will reach an agreement with Pro Bowl safety Kam Chancellor? If so, when do you think Kam Chancellor will agree to a deal offered by the Seattle Seahawks?

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