‘Friends’ Reunion Did Not Happen At Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding: Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry Excluded From Guest List

A Friends reunion is something die-hard fans have been waiting for, and while it does not seem probable that an actual Friends reunion will be in the cards anytime soon, a real-life meeting of the Friends cast just might satiate fans for the time being.

When the news of Jennifer Aniston marrying The Leftovers star Justin Theroux became known to the public, fans hoped the special moment might reunite the Friends cast. The stars married secretly at Aniston’s Los Angeles home in early August, defying paparazzi any prior knowledge of the ceremony. However, it has been revealed that not only did Jennifer Aniston not tell the media about her marriage, but even her Friends co-stars were not kept in the loop.

According to People, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc were not invited to the marriage ceremony, meaning whatever hopes fans might have had for a Friends reunion at Jennifer Aniston’s wedding were squashed as swiftly as they emerged. Speaking at a Television Critics Association press event in Los Angeles, Perry admitted that he was surprised he didn’t get an invite to the wedding.

“It was a surprise to me as well. They’re a lovely couple, and I’m happy for them. I wasn’t invited. So what can you do?”

Matt LeBlanc also appeared flustered, but confessed that his disappointment arose primarily from having missed Jennifer Aniston’s big day for the second time running.

“I missed when she married Brad [Pitt]. I was in Austria working. She called me, and she was like, ‘You’re really not coming to my wedding?’ And I was like, ‘I asked them if they could change the schedule. I would fly and clap and fly out.’ And they said, ‘We can’t do it. It’s too tight.’ It was a small-budget movie in Austria you’ve never heard of. Probably should have left anyway, but s**t happens. What are you going to do?”

Fans were disappointed this opportunity for real life Friends reunion did not pull through. However, although Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc were not invited, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox were present at the low-key ceremony. A mini Friends reunion was all fans were going to get. Cox was even fortunate enough to be the bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Meanwhile, fans can still hope that a full-fledged Friends reunion might actually take place when Cox decides to marry Snow Patrol front-man Johnny McDaid. The couple are already planning their wedding, with Cox having admitted in the past that she would want all her Friends co-stars to be present at her marriage ceremony.

It’s a shame that Jennifer Aniston missed the opportunity for an impromptu Friends reunion, given her recent idea of a ‘Golden Friends‘ reunion “when they are old and squishy.”

That would be a Friends reunion no one would want to miss.

In other news, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer have been working together again recently on LeBlanc’s hit show Episodes.

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