TNA News: Impact Wrestling Not Fully Cancelled From Destination America, TNA Signing Lesser Deal To Stay?

It has been rumored for months now that TNA’s Impact Wrestling program will most likely be cut from Destination America after the end of September. It is now September, meaning the rumor would have to become true or false in the coming weeks. For now, however, those rumors are only slightly false. However, it is more than enough to make TNA look good for now.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Impact Wrestling is showing on early October program listing for Destination America. However, there are not any scheduled past this date and TNA has yet to film anymore as of now. TNA wants to keep an American TV deal, even if they have to take less money in order to do it. It is thought that TNA may have done just that in an effort to stay on Destination America.

DA might very well still be using their opt out clause with TNA still.

For now, the only material TNA has to use for October is extra matches or clips filmed at the last set of tapings or they could also show greatest matches or episodes just to make sure they have something to play in their time-slot.

For now, TNA has not been cancelled. However, it does appear that it still could be so we cannot hope for Impact Wrestling to stay on with Destination America. The network sent out letters to advertisers months back telling them of TNA’s cancellation later in the year. Now that we have reached that time period, they could be removed at any time even if the program is showing up on program listing.

Due to the opt out clause Destination America holds, they can drop TNA whenever they choose to. They don’t even have to warn TNA of the removal before the do it either.

TNA does need the deal. Most believe that despite TNA having good international TV numbers with networks there….they need an American TV deal to keep the doors open. The international networks aren’t paying TNA enough to keep people on. For now, TNA is trying to save money by letting all contracts expire. They are paying people on per date deals, which allows TNA to save money in the end. It is also good for the talent, as they have to be paid the day of the taping or they do not have to work.

There has been issues with pay in the past, so the opportunity to have money in hand is one that any TNA talent would take. It is believed some will jump to Global Force Wrestling officially or to WWE once their deals expire. It is not yet known who will leave, but those rumored to jump to WWE for even a small run are people such as Matt and Jeff Hardy.

While Destination America and TNA very well could have worked something out, we probably won’t know the details of this for another few weeks. As of now, it is a waiting game even still with TNA.

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