Amy Schumer Goes Skating With Hillary Clinton, And Eats Jake Gyllenhaal’s Leftovers

America’s favorite funny girl of the moment, Amy Schumer, has humored fans with another throwback picture on her Instagram this past Thursday (September 10). This time though, it’s in honor of the end of summer, as reports People.

If you ever wondered what a young Amy would look like in a summer camp outfit, complete with pigtails and a t-shirt of a rearing horse, then look no further.

Amy Schumer: throwback summer camp picture
Amy Schumer at Summer Camp

Some people enjoy camp more than others. Schumer is not one of them.

Though camp may not be on the Schumer list of likes, it turns out at that ice skating is. According to PopSugar, Amy showed up on the set of the Ellen DeGeneres Show in New York City to invite the host to go ice skating with her. Apparently, when Ellen asked Amy to meet her at Rockefeller Center, Schumer assumed they would be ice skating. Amy arrived in an ice skating costume that closely resembled Elsa’s dress from Frozen, and seemed a little heartbroken when told she wouldn’t be ice skating with the host.

This didn’t deter Amy Schumer. She turned up later in the same costume — this time with pink roller skates — while Ellen was interviewing Hillary Clinton. Schumer seemed a little bummed that DeGeneres wasn’t going to skate with her but that didn’t stop her from asking the former first lady for a round.

“What about you Hill, you wanna go skating?”

Schumer really seems to be making a splash lately with talk show hosts. Entertainment Weekly reports that in addition to appearing on Ellen’s show, Amy Schumer has been interviewed by Stephen Colbert on his brand new Late Show with Stephen Colbert just last night (September 11).

During the interview, Amy Schumer told Stephen Colbert about the time she stayed at Jake Gyllenhaal’s home and managed to drunkenly eat all of his cake.

“Yeah, I went through all of Jake’s Stuff. Of course I did.”

Schumer hilariously recounted her stay at the Donnie Darko actor’s home when she and her sister rented the place. He had left an old, frozen cake in the freezer and Amy told the Late Show host about how she would eat the cake after having a few drinks, then talk to an imaginary Gyllenhaal as if she were at a party where the cake was being served.

To prove the antics actually happened, Amy Schumer brought a clip along with her to show Colbert. In the video, she tells herself she’s a princess, and then struggles to eat the frozen, rock-hard cake.

[Photos by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images, Amy Schumer/Instagram]