Dr. Dre’s Son To Play Him In Upcoming ‘DPG 4 Life’ Movie

Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young, may have been snubbed in the recent surprise hit, Straight Outta Compton, but he’ll get his chance to play his father in another upcoming movie, Dogg Pound 4 Life, also known as DPG 4 Life. According to the Daily Mail, the upcoming movie is set to cover the rise and success of west coast rappers Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg, and Warren G, as well as the Dogg Pound founders, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt.

While Rapper Daz Dillinger has stated the DPG 4 Life movie is purportedly not a sequel to Straight Outta Compton, it’s slated to pick up where Dr. Dre and the crew left off in the recent hit.

“There’s no sequel to ‘Straight Outta Compton.’ This is the ‘Dogg Pound For Life’ movie. I’m cast to play my father [Dr. Dre]. That is official. Right now they’re looking for funding. There are talks with 50 Cent and some other people. The script is pretty much done. I can’t really speak on the characters, but I just got photos of who’s going to be playing who. I’m just really excited to be a part of it,” said Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young.

Young recently mentioned his involvement in the upcoming biopic on Twitter, when he said, “S/O to @dazdillinger for making me a part of the next chapter.”

Curtis Young is 33-years-old and the eldest of Dr. Dre’s four children. When he was asked about the Straight Outta Compton snub, he said, “‘I actually tried out for the role, ’cause the casting company called me. But my father wanted somebody with more acting experience, and I haven’t been acting for a long time, so I’m happy for the guy that got the role.”

He later added, “I want my father, [Dr. Dre], to be represented in the best way, so I didn’t feel any type of way about it at all.”

The cast list for DPG 4 Life was released last week, but the movie is still seeking a director and funding. Although it may be a while before the movie makes it into production and even longer until it’s released, at least it will give Curtis Young a chance to play his father, Dr. Dre, as he’d originally hoped for.

[Photo courtesy of BlackTree Media Production]