‘The Walking Dead’s’ Norman Reedus Wants Female Fans To Send Him Their Breast Implants

Thanks to his stirring performances as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus has built up quite a fan base. And it turns out that these fans love to send the actor some rather peculiar gifts, including silicone breast implants

Not that Reedus is complaining though. In fact, he admitted that he’d love to receive even more breast implants in the future, so that he can add to his collection, which currently stands at two.

Norman Reedus made this admission to Entertainment Weekly ahead of the latest season of the post-apocalyptic drama, while he also gave the publication a breakdown of the other peculiar gifts he has received. But it’s the breast implants that really have Reedus impressed.

“I just got my second breast implant sent to me. That’s two for me, on the show. I just want to collect breast implants. I’m going to take them out of all the women’s bodies and just make a giant pile of them and lay my head on them. So, yeah – send more breast implants.”

Well, there you have it, Walking Dead fans. Clearly, Norman Reedus wants to build up a huge collection of silicone breast implants, for some reason or another. Either way, we can expect some pretty spicy fan fiction to be written up on the subject at some point in the very near future.

This isn’t the first time that Norman Reedus has discussed receiving a breast implant from one of his fans. During his appearance on Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show, Conan, back in November, 2013, Reedus first revealed that he’d been given the unique present.

After being asked about the unique gifts he receives, Reedus explained, “I had one girl send me a breast implant,” and after being quizzed why the woman decided to do that, Reedus added that she did so because she thought he sounded depressed in an interview. Reedus then revealed that he uses it to hold his phone when he’s in his trailer. The big question now is, what’s he going to do with the second breast implant?

Norman Reedus also told a story about how he was provided with a squirrel that someone had killed for him too. You can watch his entire interview with Conan O’Brien below.

The sixth season of The Walking Dead is due to premiere on AMC on October 11, 2015. The season will be split into two parts, with eight episodes airing until the middle of December, and then the final eight being shown in February, 2016.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)