‘Supernatural’ Stars Answer Fan Questions And A First Teaser Is Revealed [Video]

As Supernatural gets set to embark on a historic 11th season, pitting Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester against a coming darkness that will come in the form of a female entity, the actors have come forward to answer fan questions, before the show gets under way. Sponsoring the Q&A, Entertainment Weekly highlighted the questions they felt would best represent what most Supernatural fans wanted to know.

As even casual fans of the Supernatural series know, the show is primarily about the Winchester brothers. When asked the question of how the brothers would get along in Season 11, Jared Padalecki responded as only a brother could.

“I think a lot of the fandom is going to be happy to learn that we’re finally accepting the fact that we’re stronger together than apart. And this far into the season, they’re certainly acting on that and I like it, personally,” Supernatural‘s Jared said. “I am a brother and I have a big brother and Jensen is a brother, so I like the dynamic and I like the story that we’re able to tell with the brothers working together.”

Following up the question regarding the essential brother dynamic on Supernatural, Jensen Ackles responded to a question regarding Dean’s fate after killing Death in the Supernatural finale. After all, there has to be some consequences for that, right?

“Maybe not specifically for Dean but there’s a consequence in general for Death being slain. What does that mean for all the reapers? And what does that mean for that part of the equation? And how is that going to rear its ugly head, which you know it will,” says Ackles. “So I think it’s less of a bounty on Dean’s head and more of a, ‘Well you just screwed up the whole natural order of things and things are going to go pretty haywire.'”

Not to be forgotten, fans also want to know what has become of Rowena (Ruth Connell) and the Book of the Damned, which, as Jared Padalecki hints, may play an important role in the coming Supernatural season.

“Rowena’s out in the wind and she certainly doesn’t want to be found and the boys are hitting a bunch of dead ends. Although Sam’s kind of the researcher, there’s not really a lot written about the Darkness, so we have to reverse engineer the situation and we are unfortunately going to have to either ask for help from our enemies or beat some help out of our enemies,” said Padalecki. “We’ll see which category Rowena falls into but we do love Ruth [Connell] over here and I’m excited to have her back whenever she gets to come back.”

Meanwhile, International Business Times shared a Supernatural teaser that gives a pretty good look at what the brothers will face once the darkness takes hold. This Supernatural first look also seems to answer the question of what became of a certain pivotal character after the events of the finale.


Supernatural has always had its mix of highs and lows and Season 11 appears to be no different. Fans who might be worrying that the new season will be all doom and gloom can relax.

“After all it is a show that really made its mark at how we balanced the dark episodes with the light episodes and everything in between. I think that juxtaposition has always been a signature of ours” Supernatural‘s Ackles said. “Even though the last couple of seasons have been pretty heavy and pretty dramatic, I think now that we’ve got the brothers back in the saddle so to speak, it is going to lend itself to some more of those moments. In fact, I foresee a lot of T-shirt and bumper sticker sayings [about episode 4].”

Supernatural‘s Jared Padalecki added a small tease.

“I’ll give you a hint: I am on my way to shoot a car-wash scene.”

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