September 11, 2015
New 'Frozen' Trailer Remix Shows How It Would Have Been If Elsa Was A Villain

A new Frozen trailer shows what the movie would have turned out like if Elsa had been the villain. E! Online shared that this had been the original plan for Frozen, which is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, where the character similar to Elsa is actually a villain. Disney changed their mind and made the Frozen character a girl that just didn't know the right way to control her powers. This decision is part of what has made Frozen so popular with children everywhere.

This new Frozen trailer is a remix made by the popular YouTube channel BloodBlitz. They are famous for making videos similar to this one. They recently posted one about how it would be Harry Potter was the villain in his movies and one showing Joffrey from Game of Thrones as the hero. Their new version of Frozen is one of the best.

The Frozen trailer starts out with Anna waking up her sister Elsa as she throws her to the ground. Elsa is portrayed as what the Frozen preview calls "a demented child." It is shocking to watch her excited and laughing as she hits Anna with the ice causing her to get hurt.

Everyone realizes something odd is going on with Elsa in this Frozen trailer, but it doesn't look like this villain can be stopped. Anna is told that her life is in danger and taught to fear her sister. This is far from the cute Frozen movie that parents have used to teach about love for your sister. Her frozen powers are "meant to kill."

Poor Anna still loves her sister, despite her becoming a villain in this version of Frozen. That part doesn't seem like it will ever change. Anna finally realizes that she was wrong to think that Elsa would never hurt her. Her frozen monster will do all that it can to tear everyone apart in this flick including the adorable frozen snowman Olaf.

The creepy version of "Let It Go" is enough to make you think twice about ever listening to this Frozen hit again. Frozen: Attack of the Ice Queen is one movie that most people are going to be glad never became a reality. Regardless, this is a hilarious video to watch while thinking about what could have been if Disney had left Elsa as a villain in their original version of Frozen. Do you think the way that they did the movie was better or would you have enjoyed seeing it more like The Snow Queen? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Photo Source: YouTube screenshot]