MTV Scandal: Leah Messer Denies Police Report On Twitter, See The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Statement

An MTV scandal has rocked the cast of Teen Mom 2. Earlier this week, as the Inquisitr previously reported, In Touch Weekly alleged police had been called on Leah Messer after the reality star and mother of three reportedly failed to properly buckle her children into her vehicle. At the time, a source revealed the following of the MTV scandal to the magazine.

“Cops were called after someone at her girls’ [twins Ali and Aleeah, 5] school reported Leah to them, claiming she doesn’t put the kids in car seats [and] Leah is routinely late picking the girls up from school.”

The source went on to allege Messer was later pulled over by police but had Ali and Aleeah strapped in at the time. In addition to the MTV scandal surrounding Messer’s reported police run-in, she was accused of failing to properly care for her daughter Ali’s special needs.

“Leah doesn’t even bring Ali’s wheelchair to school. During a recent fire drill, Ali was unable to get out quickly and had to be assisted.”

In response to the MTV scandal, Messer shared two tweets with fans online. In her statement, she wrote, “Just to clarify some rumors.. I have NEVER been stopped by a cop and the girls have ALWAYS had their car seats. #Sad. And just like any other kid.. After I strap them in and adjust them they ‘READJUST’ them on their own when I’m driving.. #letsBreal.”

Right away, the Ashley’s Reality Roundup responded to Messer’s tweet with evidence to the contrary.

Messer’s MTV scandal is just one of many for the reality star. For the last several episodes, she has been accused of having a “drug problem” by her first husband, Corey Simms, and her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, told a friend she “obviously” was dealing with some sort of “addiction issue.” All the while, her behavior has continued to raise red flags.

In addition to nearly passing out while holding her son’s baby, Messer was seen preparing dinner for her children after 11 p.m. and putting them to bed at midnight — all on a school night. There have also been reports of drug use in the media, all of which she’s denied. Still, as the series continues, so does the MTV scandal.

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