WWE Rumors, Spoilers: John Cena’s Merchandise May Have Also Spoiled His ‘Night Of Champions’ Match With Seth Rollins

Back before WWE SummerSlam and the “Winner Take All” match between John Cena and Seth Rollins, the former had some new merchandise released that kind of spoiled the outcome. Well, that ended up being true, and it seems to have now happened again. John Cena has some merchandise ready to be released again, and it appears to give away the result of the United States Title match at Night of Champions.

According to The Wrestling Observer, boxes upon boxes of John Cena merchandise is ready to go back on sale from WWE. That merchandise happens to be the T-shirts that say “The Champ Is Here” and feature the United States title belt on it.

Apparently, these shirts are being prepared and ready to put back on sale for the Monday Night Raw after Night of Champions. It could be that WWE is simply prepping and being prepared for “whatever may happen,” but it’s not like they couldn’t put that together at the last minute anyway.

Many have wondered just how Seth Rollins will do at Night of Champions when he has to take part in two title matches. His WWE Title match with Sting is actually being rumored to take place early in the night and his U.S. Title match with John Cena landing in the main event spot.

wwe night of champions us title

What Culture is even questioning if Rollins can survive two matches in one night. These are no small matches as they are against two wrestling legends and two future Hall of Famers, so it isn’t one big and one throwaway match by any means.

The interesting part about it all is the order of the matches. If the WWE Title match happens first, it almost seems a given that Sting won’t be winning his first championship with the company. For such an amazing moment in WWE, it’s hard to believe that it wouldn’t close the show.

With Rollins coming out ahead at SummerSlam and the whole merchandise spoiler floating around again, it seems like John Cena may get his United States Title back at Night of Champions. If he does, it would be a happy and cheery ending to the Pay-Per-View, but also almost spoils the ending of the WWE Title match too.

Night of Champions could surprise a lot of people, but the whole John Cena merchandise thing may have ended up spoiling it all again. Maybe he will win the United States Title back from Seth Rollins and maybe he won’t, but it certainly seems as if that’s the direction WWE is heading in.

[Image via WWE]