‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Peter Reckell Talks Return As Bo Brady, Teases Big Moments Ahead

Peter Reckell is back as Bo Brady on Days of Our Lives. Spoilers tease that there is a big adventure coming up as Bo struggles to return to Salem and his “Fancy Face” Hope. While viewers don’t know quite yet how long Bo will be back in the mix of things, Reckell is opening up a bit about what lies ahead.

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Bo Brady is being held captive, and he’s determined to get back to Hope. Steve is figuring out that his pal is in trouble, but there’s a lot of mystery over this situation at this point. Where are things headed with Bo back and in Salem?

The last that DOOL fans saw of Bo was in 2012 as he left town. Hope has been working on moving on and getting engaged to Aiden. However, viewers know that Aiden is up to no good, and it seems soon he’ll be exposed for his ulterior motives.

Reckell talked with Yahoo! TV and says that much of why he decided to return now was due to the new writing team of Dena Higley and Josh Griffith. He says he had faith in them and knew they were taking the show back to what fans have always loved: a focus on relationships and family.

Naturally, Reckell couldn’t dish out anything too specific in the way of Days of Our Lives spoilers. However, he did say that viewers will see Bo on a motorcycle, and he will be uttering the iconic nickname Fancy Face in regards to Hope. However, viewers may have to be patient for a bit to see these happen.

While a lot of DOOL fans would love to see Reckell stick around and be involved in a long-lasting and happy Bo and Hope reunion, that may not be what is coming in this return. Reckell notes that when Bo left before, the departure was awkward and didn’t work well. In this return, viewers will get a better sense of where the relationship has gone and, it seems, a better sense of closure perhaps.

Bo and Hope will reunite in this return, and the actor teases that the meeting between the two characters is “history, powerful, and love.” From the sounds of things, the writers are truly paying tribute to the fans and the history of this relationship with Reckell’s return, honoring the power of this supercouple in a way that wasn’t necessarily done the last time the two were together on-screen.

Viewers will also be seeing quite a bit of Bo with daughter Ciara in the episodes ahead, and Reckell says, “She’ll be kind of carrying the mantle of Bo onward.”

That certainly seems to indicate another farewell soon at some point, but fans clearly will get some powerful episodes to watch during the time Reckell is back.

The show isn’t detailing how long Reckell will around this time, but it’s clear that fans want him to stick around. A poll at Soap Shows indicates that 95 percent of the 6,600 DOOL fans who voted want Bo to stay in Salem for the long term. While it doesn’t sound as if that will be the case, many would say at least there’s a bit of hope with this return.

There’s a serial killer on the loose and more Salem deaths are ahead. Will Bo Brady’s return factor into the killer storyline at all, or will his latest adventure and return be entirely separate?

Viewers can’t wait to see how it all comes together for the show’s 50th anniversary during the week of November 8. Stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives spoilers as Peter Reckell’s return as Bo Brady gains steam.

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