Jessica Simpson’s Net Worth: ‘Today Show’ Talks Billionaire Money Goal, New Album, And Reality TV Show

Jessica Simpson’s net worth is steadily on the rise based upon her fashion clothing line called the Jessica Simpson Collection, but when she recently visited The Today Show, Simpson announced plans for a new album.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, apparently Jessica Simpson’s money is always on her mind since she claims that marrying her ex-husband Nick Lachey was a “money mistake.”

Earlier in the week, Jessica Simpson’s husband, Eric Johnson, joined her and other family members to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Jessica Simpson Collection in New York City. In the past, Forbes estimated the Jessica Simpson Collection was paying the pop singer around $15 to $20 million per year for using her name on a diverse set of fashion products. Simpson has since sold off her state in the Jessica Simpson Collection, but she is still retaining some shares while she works on new fashion ideas.

In the past, Simpson said she has managed to outsell big name fashion designers because she understands how the average woman thinks.

“My business is the heart of who I am,” said Simpson. “I want to make every woman feel confident in what they’re wearing. I do feel like we’re very fashion-forward, but we also listen to the consumer. I have been every size on the planet and I understand women. And I just know how to dress them. I know there’s all different kinds. There’s life in the whole world beyond LA and New York. I understand Middle America and their mindset.”

Due to this business mindset, Jessica Simpson’s net worth has exceeded $150 million. Although she has quite a ways before becoming the world’s richest woman, Simpson says she won’t let any haters keep her from eventually becoming a billionaire.

“I mean, I still think that people don’t really take me completely seriously,” she said, according to X17. “I have some doubters out there, but hopefully it will continue to be around 10 years from now on and then they can be wrong. It’s truly a blessing. I mean right now, I’ve got Times Square billboards. We’re just in a very celebratory moment.”

Of course, a new album will also play a large part in increasing her net worth. During Jessica Simpson’s Today Show appearance, she said that she planned on returning to singing. Simpson is currently building a new recording studio into her home and she expects it to be ready by October.

“That’s how I started; that’s always [been] one of my biggest passions in the world,” she said, according to The Today Show. “I love to use my voice. Then I’m down in my basement recording. I’m sure my kids will completely take over.”

The last time the world was treated to one of Jessica Simpson’s album releases was in 2010, when she released “Happy Christmas.” Although increasing her money is important to her, apparently, her children are even more important since she also shot down ideas for a reality TV show.

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