Sandra Bullock In Denial Over ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Boyfriend Randall?

Sandra Bullock has a new man in her life. Bullock is said to be dating photographer Bryan Randall, and reports say that the 51-year-old Oscar winner is besotted with him. Bullock and Randall are believed to have met when the photographer took pictures at a birthday party for Sandra’s son earlier this year. The Mirror report that Bullock and Randall looked every inch the loving couple when they were spotted together outside her son’s school earlier this week.

According to the Daily Mail, Bullock’s new lover may look like a family man at first glance, but his clean-cut image hides a bad-boy past. It is claimed that Randall is a former heroin addict who abandoned his daughter Skylar to live with her heroin addict mother. He was also reportedly taken to court for failing to pay child support and has been described as a “deadbeat dad.” Whilst Randall has been clean for some years, Bullock’s new relationship has clear echoes of her marriage to Jesse James, who also spent time in rehab.

The Independent reports that an unnamed source told Grazia Randall makes Bullock feel safe after a stalker hounded her and even broke into her home last year.

“They’ve been trying to take things slowly, and at first Sandra was reluctant to refer to him as her boyfriend, but it’s become clear that they’re absolutely besotted with each other.

“She feels safe with him and there’s a lot of obvious chemistry. Bryan couldn’t be more different from Sandra’s ex.”

Whilst Sandra may “feel safe” with Randall, it seems that some of Bullock’s friends are less than happy about her choice of boyfriend. The Irish Independent claims a source told Radar Online that Sandra’s friends and family are concerned Randall is “cut from the same cloth” as James.

“Bryan has a very tough guy persona, and can come across as extremely arrogant.”

“Sandra’s friends are also concerned about Bryan’s criminal past and allegations of drug and alcohol abuse. Even though he has told Sandra he is sober and has been for years, the friends are on their guard.”

It is claimed that Bullock does not share her friends concerns because Randall has been clean for years and he was open about his past problems very early in their relationship. Apparently Bryan has told Bullock all about everything that could be construed as scandalous in his past.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Sandra’s friends think that Randall’s past is “eerily similar” to James’ history, and they are worried that Bullock is getting deeply involved with another “bad boy.”

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]