‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 12 Eviction Targets Emerge Following HOH Win

Big Brother 17 spoilers now point to the HOH having two targets in mind. Previous Big Brother 17 spoilers revealed who won the Week 12 Head of Household, as it was Vanessa Rousso who won the challenge late on Thursday, September 10. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates has Vanessa already revealing that she wouldn’t mind Steve Moses or John McGuire heading off to the BB17 jury next.

This bit of news follows an earlier report where Johnny Mac actually confirmed to Vanessa that he is in a showmance with Steve. While the term he used was a joke at the time, it certainly conveyed the message that the two guys are working together. CBS viewers and live feed subscribers are already well-aware of this fact, but it is now becoming clearer to Vanessa that she is working against two duos now in the BB17 house.

Moving forward, the most notable of the Big Brother 17 spoilers from Friday morning is that Steve Moses and John McGuire are about to get nominated for eviction. There is always a chance that HOH Vanessa Rousso could change her mind in the hours leading up to the nomination ceremony, but her prolonged discussions with the other four houseguests hint at that not taking place. This could make for a very exciting Veto competition between the final five houseguests on Saturday, September 12.

The Week 12 Veto winner will hold a lot of power over the nominations, meaning anything can still happen as the week progresses. If this is the desired scenario that Vanessa wants, though, she can make sure it is either Steve or Johnny Mac leaving next. If one of them wins the Veto and comes off the block, it will leave that person and either Austin Matelson or Liz Nolan as the only two voters. If there is a tie, Vanessa steps in with the tie-breaking vote. That’s a scenario that “puts blood on her hands,” but it also keeps her in control of the entire BB17 house this week.

Confirmation of the nominations should come later on Friday, setting the stage for both nominees to need a Veto win to ensure safety. It’s a tough position for Steve Moses and John McGuire to be in, but they created it by not turning against Vanessa Rousso, Austin, and Liz at an earlier time. A lot of Big Brother 17 spoilers should come out over the weekend as this all plays out, with the trio running the show deciding who to evict first.

[Image Source: Vince Bucci/Getty Images]