Lea Michele Shows Some Serious Skin [Photo]

H. Scott English

Glee star Lea Michele made an appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman" last night. Sporting a skin tight dress with more than an ample amount of cleavage, she got into her most intimate details with the host, telling Letterman, "You're like my dad."

Michele's "Glee" character Rachel Barry is known on the show for her conservative dress and good girl image but last night her white Amen dress featured a deep V cut-out that had her cleavage popping front and center 9See Photo Below), appearing just millimeters away from revealing too much.

Michele seemed intent on portraying a much different image for Letterman discussing her strong draw to tattoos.

Michele told Letterman,

"You always are talking about my tattoos. You're like my dad."

Michele said,

"You can get very addicted to them. For me it's weirdly enough like a family activity. I come from a very big Italian family and tattoos are very popular. So it'll be like Easter and we'll all be like, 'Let's all go get tattoos.' Then we get super sentimental and then the next day I wake up with another butterfly on my foot."

Michele also Tweeted how awesome it is to have made Maxim's Hot 100. Michele makes the list at No. 14, sandwiched between Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively which is exactly how most people want to picture her.

Lea Michele