Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr Seems To Have Moved On — Has Her Ex-Husband?

It must be terrible being a Hollywood heartthrob. If you don’t think it’s true, just ask Orlando Bloom. Miranda Kerr and Bloom split two years ago. Since then, there have been a lot of rumors about just who Bloom might be dating. The short answer, “no one seriously.” However, it seems now that Kerr has moved on Bloom maybe coming around.

Orlando Bloom’s toughest decision might be which one of these ladies he decides to spend the majority of his time with. Since June, the Lord of the Rings star has been linked to no less than three women.On September 9, Hollywood Life reported that Bloom was seen cozying up to Los Angeles stylist Chloe Bartoli. Despite their time spent together, an insider didn’t seem to think it was any more than just friends getting a bite to eat.

Orlando and his friend (Chloe) had lunch here, but it didn’t seem like they were on a date or anything. They were here for about an hour. I never saw them holding hands or anything. They looked like they were just friends. At least, that’s how they seemed in public.

That would seem to make since considering just last month Bloom was reportedly dating Australian model Kate Elsworth. An insider explained to News.com that the two are trying to take it slow.

“They are romancing each other. They aren’t always in the same place so it’s been a slow build. Kate travels for her work as a DJ, and Orlando has been really busy too, filming Pirates in Australia and he’s also a very hands-on dad to son Flynn.

They both know where they stand, but neither of them wants the pressure of paps and people watching their every move.”

It is interesting that the report stated that Bloom and Elsworth were taking things slow. This didn’t seem to be the case in late June. The British born actor was spotted in a Malibu sushi bar with Brazilian actress Luisa Moraes. The Daily Mail obtained pictures of the two getting pretty close during their hour long date.

“During their meal, the two enjoyed sushi, and drank some sake as well as cocktail drinks. Orlando and the woman also showed lots of PDA and couldn’t keep their hands and lips off of each other throughout the entire dinner.”

In this instance, it seems that the only question is which lady ends up with Orlando Bloom. Miranda Kerr need not worry about her ex-husband getting through these trying times. Who do you see the Pirates star ending up with?

[Photo by Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain]