September 10, 2015
Drop Rates Increased For Popular Unique Items In ‘Marvel Heroes’

Another weekly patch for Marvel Heroes went live today, and, although there were no new heroes, a substantially major change went live that should make gearing all heroes a little easier. Many coveted unique items should drop more often now in an effort to make gearing one or more of the 50 available heroes a little easier.

Several unique items in Marvel Heroes should drop more often post-patch; although, no firm numbers or percentages of the increase have been stated. Items like the White Suit Jacket and the Ruby Topped Cane that drop from Kingpin, for example, now "have an increased chance" to drop when defeating Fisk in his terminal and in Industry City Patrol. The drop rate is increased in all difficulty modes, with the cosmic difficulty having the best rate.

Drops from Dr. Doom, Kurse, Mandarin, Juggernaut, and quite a few others have been increased in an effort to get additional unique items in players' possessions. With more unique drops, players are more likely to gear their max level heroes for different situations and use them more often.

Summoner characters will have to wait a little while longer before the Octobot Controller sees an increased rate. A second pass on boss-specific unique items is planned for an upcoming patch. Other unique items like Mr. Sinister's Cuirass, The Dust of Death, Vibroshock Gauntlets, and other similar items will be addressed in a later update.

Marvel Heroes
Picking up some loot in Marvel Heroes

In addition to the drop rate changes, players can also enjoy the return of the Cosmic Chaos event beginning Friday morning. During the week of Cosmic Chaos, heroes earn a stacking 42 percent server-side boost to item find and experience. Moreover, cosmic prestige is earned at double the rate during the event. As usual, Cosmic Worldstones will drop during the event that can be used to purchase items from Moondragon in the Avenger's Tower.

The update has also tuned many of the skills belonging to Black Panther as well as a few skills belonging to Cable, Gambit, and Winter Solider. Like the changes made to Jean Grey that the Inquisitr has reported on, several Black Panther abilities have been altered and improved. Black Panther's abilities have seen a plethora of changes including the removal of the Blessing of Bast ability to merge its effects with other powers. His powers have seen damage increases, spirit decreases, and other tweaks like percent bonuses instead of flat rate increases on certain abilities. Players using Black Panther should definitely check out the list of changes on the official forum patch notes.

The update has also added a new costume for Psylocke, according to the Marvel Heroes website. The new House of M costume for the character costs 750 Gs, which is approximately $7.50 or less, depending on the G bundle the purchaser chooses to buy the costume.

[Images courtesy of Gazillion Entertainment]