Jim Cornette On Jimmy Snuka Murder Case: 'This Should Have Been Settled A Long Time Ago'

Mike Bessler

On the most recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience on MLW Radio (Episode 93), the wrestling industry veteran shared his thoughts on the Jimmy Snuka murder case, including a bit on his personal feelings regarding Snuka and what he has gathered in reading about and discussing the situation. Before delving into the darker side of wrestling, Cornette opined about current events including the controversy surrounding Rowan County Clerk of Courts Kim Davis and the college student who started driving a Barbie car around campus following her arrest for DUI. Although Cornette tackled most of the items in the show in his typically irreverent fashion, he was relatively judicious in approaching the Snuka matter. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Jimmy Snuka was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter earlier this month.

"I loved Jimmy Snuka as a fan. I didn't know him as a person but he's a professional cohort. But if he did this...This should have been settled a long time ago."

"The word started getting around. It was obvious," Cornette lamented. "It's obvious if you go back and look at the facts of the case, something went on … Something went on and something got covered up … It's been known within the business — if not exactly a topic of conversation every f*****g day — that something f*****g happened."

Cornette said that he did not think the family of Nancy Argentino would necessarily get a great deal of satisfaction out of Snuka's prosecution since so much time has elapsed and considering that the wrestler has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. But he added that he would like to see some sort of shirt in the investigation to determine why it took so long to actually bring about formal charges against the '80s superstar. Of particular note to wrestling fans is the implied involvement of Vince McMahon and others in a cover up during the initial investigation. Although he was never completely cleared of allegations regarding Argentino's murder, Jimmy Snuka continued working with WWE throughout the decades that followed, ultimately garnering an induction into the company's Hall of Fame.

"Why doesn't someone really start investigating more about why nothing got done for 30 years when there was all of this evidence and conflicting stories?" asked Cornette. "[Argentino] was evidently beat up and banged up and bruised up—you know, a couple of dozen bruises and cuts on her body, besides a fractured f*****g skull in a wrestler's hotel room that had just been previously arrested, in the f*****g same state I believe, about 6 months beforehand by eight cops and two police dogs for beating up the same girl! … Even in Snuka's book... he wrote that Vince [McMahon] came to represent him at the meeting, which everyone agrees on, but Vince was carrying a briefcase! And he never saw the briefcase again? What the f***?"

Following his recent arraignment for murder, Jimmy Snuka was released on bond. Further court dates are pending.

[Image via Wrestling News World]