‘Chicago P.D.’ Spoilers: Will Halstead Bring Lindsay Back To Intelligence And Will Burgess And Ruzek Get Married?

Voight and Linday in the Chicago P.D. S2 finale

While there is a reason for a couple to be celebrating and happy (though things will not necessarily be problem-free for those two) when Chicago P.D. season 3 begins, one character is going to be choosing the easier path after the events of last season. In other words, Lindsay is not going to just magically be back to how she used to be in the September 30 premiere.

The second season of Chicago P.D. ended with Lindsay heading down a dark path after Nadia’s death during the earlier crossover between Chicago Fire and Law & Order: SVU. Voight ultimately found her in what some may consider the worst place for her, which was with her mother at a bar. Bunny told Voight to let her daughter be, but instead of returning to work, Lindsay gave him his badge and quit Intelligence.

According to TVLine, Lindsay is “checked-out,” with executive producer Matt Olmstead sharing that whereas Voight knows that she might not come back, Halstead isn’t quite there yet.

“Halstead’s the one who doesn’t really want to believe it’s true,” the EP said, although that changes when she says she is done with the unit. “Her champion walks away. So there’s a lot of self-loathing there for [Lindsay], but she’s incapable of coming back because it’s easier to keep the party going.”

However, the preview that NBC has posted for the new season does show that Lindsay isn’t really going to have a choice about being back on the job in some capacity in the premiere because Halstead has been abducted – and his abductor says they can only send a female officer.

As for (somewhat) more cheerful Chicago P.D. news, the end of season 2 saw Ruzek and Burgess (almost casually) get engaged, and while TVLine has reported that they will be happy based on what Olmstead has said, it sounds like at least one of them might not exactly be rushing into what it means to be married.

“She’s starting to wonder, ‘Is he more into the buzz of being the fiancé as opposed to the day in and day out work of being a husband?’ That’s something that he might have to confront.”

Along those same lines, according to TVGuide.com, Olmstead generalized that a bit more to Burgess wondering, “Is [Ruzek] just into being engaged?”

“He was engaged when she met him. People buy you rounds of beer, you get to show off the ring. But in terms of picking a date and getting married, that’s the divide between the two of them. Is this real or is this just a fantasy someone is playing out?”

That seems to suggest that you shouldn’t be planning to see a Chicago P.D. wedding too soon in the future as Burgess and Ruzek seem to have plenty to discuss before they can even think about making it official.

Chicago P.D. season 3 premieres Wednesday, September 30 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

[Image via NBC]