Jimmy Fallon And Jason Sudeikis Mix Gross Cocktails For The Other To Drink On ‘The Tonight Show’ [Videos]

Jimmy Fallon has allowed The Tonight Show to become more inventive during his time at the helm. While traditionally the late night show has been known as a talk show more than anything else, Jimmy Fallon’s ingenuity has seen the show inject some funny routines into its repertoire. When actor and fellow comedian Jason Sudeikis visited The Tonight Show last week, fans knew that Fallon would have something quirky up his sleeve.

And that is exactly how it turned out to be, according to Rolling Stone. Jimmy Fallon and Jason Sudeikis indulged in a game dubbed “Drinko,” in which the two contestants were supposed to drop a disc from the top of a mazy and robotized board. Well, it was not really robotized — it was just a board with some lights and Steve Higgins’ voice booming from behind with some robotic effects — but it served as the basis of an interesting and fun-filled game.

The rules of the game stated that each of the contestants have to drink a concoction of two random drinks the disc falls into, and while we have previously seen Jimmy Fallon play the game with Paul Rudd back in July, there was a fair amount of fun to be had both for Jason Sudeikis and the Tonight Show’s assembled studio audience. The cups contained a range of beverages from beer and tequila to some less tempting drinks such as pickle juice and pea soup. As Us Weekly noted, Jimmy Fallon was sharp enough to omit his earlier favorite, cold gravy, from the machine altogether this time.

The first cocktail that Jimmy Fallon had to drink was a mixture of Capri Sun and bubble tea. Not too gross, you think? Well, Sudeikis made it grosser by suggesting that if Fallon puked as a result of drinking the cocktail, the resulting vomit could be treated as an all new drink. Eww.

But Jimmy Fallon managed to gulp the concoction somehow and then ascended the top of the stairs to drop his disc. The result? Jason Sudeikis had to drink a cringe-inducing wine-spritzer-bubble-tea mix. Though Sudeikis gulped the drink in one go, his remark summed up his experience perfectly.

“Why is bubble tea a thing?”

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon also asked Sudeikis how his toddler son was doing, and the Horrible Bosses star shared some funny advice for would-be parents. Watch the entire segment below.

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Official YouTube Channel]

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